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sevencrystal software

SevenCrystal by CrystalAppleSoftware

SevenCrystal evolved from classic brick breakout games with a simple game story. In order to getting seven ancient magic crystals, you must breakout all barriers and set fire to all five torchs to lighten your world.

random power pleasure difficulty levels simple game breakout games power ups

3dmeditator software

3D Meditator by Alawar Entertainment

3D Meditator is based on the idea of tetris. The game is unique with it's 3D effects. The bonuses are also unusual: "Bomb" (blows up several lines of blocks), rotating bonus (the glass turns over with all it's content), special figures and others.

rotation clock arrow keys control keys swings stereo sound effects number pad

zaxxoids software

Zaxxoids by ZenSoft

Zaxxoids is an original realtime puzzle game with over 120 levels of varying difficulty. The player rearranges the playing field to direct pieces as they fall, grouping pieces of similar colors to eliminate them and advance to the next level.

zaxxoids fun zaxoids realtime zensoft strategy puzzle

free software

Free Games Online by

Free Games Online gives you easy access to your favorite games online. Free Games Online includes games like Tetris, Pac-man, Baseball, Breakout, Frogger and more. A total of 10 online flash games are installed on your desktop for easy access.

favorite games includes games breakout tetris flash games frogger

tetris software

Enigma-X by Mousetrap Arcade

Do you have what it takes to master the Enigma-X? You''ve got 5 minutes to rack up as many points as you can. You''ve got to think fast and efficient to win. If you''re reall up for the challenge go head to head with another player using identical

fun riddle 2 player puzzle high reflexes

puzzle software

BoXiKoN by Shoecake Games

BoXiKoN is a fun and addictive puzzle game of strategy and logic. The game belongs to the Action Puzzle genre but there is a large emphasis on planning, organization and selection and less on arcade style quick reactions.

planning organization game grid action puzzle directx 7 foresight creative logic

breakout software

Atomic Superball: The Chicken Edition by Cheeky Monkey Software

From the game's inception, we only had one idea in mind; make the undisputed king of all ball and brick games! To do this, we merged awesome gameplay with great graphics and amazing music. Try out this fun mouse based game, and see for yourself.

original music graphic theme game screen music play undisputed king brick games

puzzle software

Balloonacy by Agon Games

Balloonacy is an exciting puzzle game where you match colored balloons floating up the screen. It is an amazing and colorful new game with unlimited levels and massive addiction factor. Seconds to learn, it is suitable for all the family.

balloons match game puzzle tetris them puzzle

tetris software

C'Bubble by Indiepath Ltd

Block dropping bubble popping jaw dropping puzzle game. The cubes are back again!Two fantastic modes of play to take you to even greater heights of fun and excitement. Compete on the world wide Hall of Fame to become the Grand Master C'Bubbler!

zuma puzzle action puzzloop connect four blocks lumines

tetris software

Arcade Blocks by Astatix Software

Arcade Blocks includes 5 absolutely different variations of the famous game with falling blocks with twist: Simple, Classic Tetris, Pentix, Sixtix, Triangularis. You will find friendly interface, nice sounds, music and large High scores table.

increases arcade high scores variations clone interface


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