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tetris software

Free Tetrix by AimGames

Free Tetrix is a highly advanced Tetris clone featuring advanced game play and great design. Game interface features cool graphics, awesome background sounds and an ever lasting gaming action. The game is a must have for Tetris fans!

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tetris software

TetrixMania by AimGames

TetrixMania is a highly advanced Tetris clone featuring 10 variations of classical Tetris and Pentix games. Among those you will find Simplified Tetris for Kids, Classical Tetris, Advanced Tetris. Enjoy the ever lasting game action with TetrixMania!

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games software

3D SurfTris by 3D Surf Games

SurfTris is a Tetris clone with a new twist. Instead of 2D plane, playing field is spread upon a 3D surface. There are five different surfaces to choose from: Cylinder, Cone, Hyperboloid and two twisted spiral planes.

games free free games game arcade arcade game puzzle puzzle game tetris clone playing field spread upon 5 different 3d surfaces

tetris software

2M Free Tetris by 2M Games

A great Tetris clone for FREE ! Destroy blocks by making rows with falling down pieces. Unlimited levels, heap of animations, many sounds effects, entertaining music, high scores table, and more...

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tetris software

Eczetris by Magnus Eriksson

Eczetris is a small form factor Tetris clone. It features an online highscore table that players can upload their scores to and then view the list to see if they beat the top highscore. Other features are multiple music track and configurable input.

tetris highscore online highscore table small soundtrack configurable keyboard input

schmitriz software

Schmitriz by Michael Schmitz Technologies

Schmitriz is a straightforward, sleek, efficient, and robust tetris clone. It features custom backgrounds, custom piece pictures, and a competitive two-player mode.

schmitriz tetris schmitz skin schmitriz sleek efficient robust tetris clone which supports skins

tetris software

FreeTetris by 2VG Group

The tetris game with the amazing graphics and original interface. It includes both the standard tetris game and 6 another popular variations of this game (Pentix, Freetrix etc.).

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pocket software

Pocket Bricks by Not-Big-Deal Games

The Pocket Bricks is a totally free clone of the classical Tetris game. It is relatively small - up to 100K after installation (depending on platform) but has sound and nice graphics.

pocket brick tetris pocket pc

tetris 2000 software

tetris 2000 by Douglas Paul Adams LLC

Tetris 2000 is a fun tetris clone. When you start the game, you can adjust different settings such as the controls, color of the bricks, and so on. The game features nice graphics, lots of options, and fun gameplay.

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tetris software

voeing.de LomTRIXX by Vöing Software

This game is a one- or two-player Tetris (tm) in SVGA. In the menu you can choose the type of the game and the number of players. There are two types of gameplay: normal Tetris or BLOB.

tetris clone voeing-de game one two-player tetris tm svga


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