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typing tutor software

FasType Typing Tutorial by FasType Software

FasType is essential for computer users who want to become more productive with their PC by learning how to touch type. FasType shows a 3D keyboard image and uses key animation and sizable text fonts to prompt the typist. School Licenses available.

typing tutor typing tutorial touch type touch typing fastype fastype software qwerty type touchtype touch keyboarding typist typer keytype fastype keyboarding

resize control software

ActiveResize Control by VBGold Software

VBGold ActiveResize Control makes your VB applications completely resolution-independent. It resizes all controls and grids on your form when the form is resized. ActiveResize can handle any control and grid (+ Sheridan). No need to write any code!

resize control vb form resizer resizer activex control vb controls resizer resize grids dbgrid datagrid msflexgrid mshflexgrid resize sheridan grids ssdbgrid ssoledbgrid vb application resizer resolution independent resize vb controls

web page thumbnails software

dotNavigator by dotWizard, Inc.

Add Navigation, Popups and Message panes to Internet Explorer. Automatically capture web page thumbnails and full sized images. Organize thumbs into tracks by topic, website, date, etc. Capture and kill popups, view WhoIs, print, save, share.

web page thumbnails web navigation whois popups travel log print web page internet research

inventory software

FF Inventory Pro by M & R Technologies, Inc.

UNLIMITED vendors, purchase orders, receivers, invoices, payments, customers and products. Limited only by hard-disk space! FAST, COMPACT 32-bit program execution! Requires less than 3 megabytes of harddisk space! No runtimes or DLL's! Try it today!

inventory purchase orders invoices billing customers time statements windows asp shareware labels inventory billing windows 95 98 nt 2000 xp includes e-mail support

networking software

FF Network Billing by M & R Technologies, Inc.

FAST Client/Server Network Technology for your invoices and billing! Runs on all Windows Networks for Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 systems with the TCP/IP networking protocol installed. Features: unlimited invoices, quotes, payments, customers and products!

networking invoices billing customers time statements windows asp shareware labels fast client server network technology invoices billing

invoices software

FF Billing Manager Pro Deluxe by M & R Technologies, Inc.

Voted Best Business Program of 1997 and 1998! New version 2 adds e-mail support, compressed backups/restore, importing/exporting and much more! EASY TO USE! Features unlimited invoices/ payments/ customers/ products, multiple companies, much more!

invoices billing customers time statements windows asp shareware labels accounts receivable billing windows 95 98 nt 2000

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