Theatrical Software

radio stations software

Fademaster by Vectogram Software

Automation system for radio stations, clubs, discos, bars, dj parties, sport events and theatrical performances. Simple and easy-to-use interface allows you to start working right after loading the program: player, music base, playlist generator.

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video software

EyeCU by JPC Software

EyeCU turns your existing PC camera into a full-featured video surveillance system. If motion is detected in the images captured by your camera EyeCU can play a sound notification, save the images, as well as send the images to any e-mail address.

video camera surveillance eyecu motion image shareware software security eyecu turns existing pc camera full-featured surveillance system

recipe software

Cookware Deluxe by DigitalFriedChicken

CookWare Deluxe makes collecting and organizing your recipes really simple. Dragging and dropping a recipe directly into it makes adding recipes really fast. It''s easy to get organized using its built-in Calendar and Shopping List to plan your meals

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auto login software

ShutDownOne by DimaWare

Auto Restart or ShutDown. Auto Login, Privacy Control: IE history, cookies, typed URLs and more. Scheduled operation, Remote ShutDown, Batch shutdown, Password Protection, Hot Key, Silent Mode...

auto login shutdown power off lock workstation restart reboot force schedule timed shutdown emergency command line password protection activity timer delete tmp files delete cookies delete history

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