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windows desktop software

WallPaperPlus by PinderSoft

Pindersoft's WallPaperPlus windows desktop wallpaper changer lets you manage your wallpaper themes and pump new life into your windows desktop.

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just relaxing software

Just Relaxing by Lincoln Beach Software

Relax to the sounds of nature on your computer, without the mosquitos! You can bring nature indoors, directly to your computer with Just Relaxing! Just Relaxing will play sound effects from selected themes and changes your wallpaper as well!

just relaxing relax relaxation relaxation software relaxation therapy relaxation sounds stress management nature nature software audio software audio nature sounds desktop wallpaper relax sounds nature computer without mosquitos

visual software

XP Skins by CronoSoft

As Windows XP is here and not all the older programs can take advantage of the xp themes option (xp visual styles or xp skins), we thought that a program who can resolve with one click this problem will be very useful for you: XP Skins!

visual style support xp skins themes xp themes xp skins cronosoft add visual styles support old programs

falling snow software

Desktop Snow Screensaver by Patti Olsen

Snow falls gently on your desktop as soft music plays in the background. This is a transparent screensaver. You can use it with all your winter themes.

falling snow transparent winter snow falls gently desktop soft music plays transparent

screen savers software

AMI Screen Saver Construction Set by Alchemy Mindworks

Build distributable, multimedia Windows screen savers of your family, your corporate logo, product advertisements, themes or your most inventive fantasies. Display just about anything you can imagine with your choice of pictures, sounds and text.

screen savers tool construct build make create design distribute multimedia screensavers graphics animation sound images pictures installers graphic screen saver alchemy mindworks rimmer

juggle software

VIRTUAL JUGGLER 3D GOLD by Wonderdog Software Co.

Virtual Juggler 3D is an addictive, action packed, arcade style video game complete with bonus power ups, animations, music, sounds, themes, and lot's of humor. This game was designed by jugglers for anyone between 3 to 300!

juggle juggler arkanoid breakout tetris arcade virtual 3d juggling challenging fun 3d juggling both funny fun

3d graphics software

Maelstrom by Aragon Systems

Maelstrom is the world's finest particle-system screen saver for Windows. It uses a fully realized three-dimensional graphics engine to evolve a wide variety of themes over time, producing visual effects that are absolutely stunning.

3d graphics particle system animation anaglyphic maelstrom worlds finest particle-system screen saver

logical software

Archibald's Free Puzzle by Archibald The Cat entertainment

An amusing, easy-to-play puzzle with several levels of difficulty. Easy installation and rules. The puzzle image can be chosen from among several themes (aircraft, cars, etc.) Autosave, background music, and help on the puzzle image during the game.

logical combinatorial fun kids children tiles original puzzle puzzles amusing easy-to-play puzzle several levels difficulty

fruit machine software

Arcade Fruit Machine 6 Pack by Software Illusions

Six Fantastic Fruit Machine Games that will keep you entertained for hours! With there different themes and playing styles you may never leave your house again!

fruit machine fruit machine slot machine slot slots arcade casion gamble jackpot six fantastic fruit machine games will keep entertained hours

bible software

What The Bible Says About by PC Shareware, Inc.

What The Bible Says About... - Study tool. Unlike other Bible software, this program goes beyond specific Bible words to point out passages by themes and ideas - listed alphabetically with hundreds of choices.

bible church religion christian education history jesus god king james bible says about study tool


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