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thmindxr software

ThmIndxr by L5 Software Development

ThmIndxr(tm) creates thumbnail index pages of graphics image directories. It automatically writes all of the HTML code required for building a Web page, and creates the thumbnail images that are a key part of building a page that will load quickly.

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cards software

OhHell by Malcolm Bain

Oh Hell is an addictive and fun card game with a difference and you will soon realise why it is called Oh Hell. You play against Bumble, Cynthia and Hattie and must get the exact number of tricks you bid - or else.

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sql documentation software

SQLHelp by Pikauba Software

Annotate and document the SQL stored procedures driving your web application. SQLHelp describes the parameters, output result sets and transactional nature of each procedure. Output options include colorized SQL listings.

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msn messenger spy software

MSN Spy Monitor 2007 by eMatrixSoft

Secretly record MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger''s incoming and outgoing chat text messages. It runs in a complete invisible mode. You can check all recorded messages by simply receiving emails or opening a web page.

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