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tradestation software

StockMedium add-on for TradeStation by StockMedium Group

StockMedium is an add-on for TradeStation which allows you to select tickers which show predictability, estimate future ticker results, identify turning points in stock movements. The add-on works with stocks and Forex data.

tradestation stock forex add-on plugin ticker add-on tradestation which automates intelligent stock forex profiling

flash software

Amara Flash News Ticker by Amara Software

Amara Flash News Ticker creates horizontal and vertical news tickers with text effects. This Flash news scroller lets you create impressive and professional Flash Tickers for your web site or Flash project.

flash news ticker scroller animations templates text effects dhtml animated horizontal vertical javascript free animated website websites amara flash news ticker creates horizontal vertical news

simulations software

Wall Street Raider by Ronin Software

A highly sophisticated financial simulation; a corporate takeover and stock market game and simulation in which you trade, invest and finagle against a backdrop of constantly scrolling stock and news tickers.

simulations games education business finance stocks investment investing ronin strategy wall street stock market corporate financial simulation learning experience

portfolio software

NeoTicker EOD by TickQuest Inc.

NeoTicker EOD is an advanced investment tool with intraday quotes, animated tickers, portfolio tracking, programmable technical analysis stock charting. Many drawing tools. Over 120 indicators. Read free Internet data, other formats. Excel friendly.

portfolio quote internet quote stock chart ticker charting trading technical analysis invest finance laptop stockmarket commodities futures neoticker metastock tc2000 csi indicator trendline support resistance programmable index

java software

Image Scroller Applet by Sureshot

Make your site come alive! Create beautiful tickers with the Image Scroller Applet. Image Scroller Applet can run in the middle of a web page or in a pop up window. It supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

java applet image scroll imagescroll imagescroller scroller show horizontal vertical ticker news show presentation free freeware images effect transition web webeffect cool package

clocks software

CoolTimeZone - Time/Date Ticker by CoolTick

CoolTimeZone is an easy, small, intuitive, unobtrusive scrolling time/date display ticker. It's loaded with customizable options including your own list of as many time/date locations as you want to watch.

clocks times timezones easy small intuitive unobtrusive scrolling time date display ticker

email clients software

FrontMailer Lite by ESD Software

FrontMailer Lite is a light-weight email checker and reader and resistent to viruses! The ideal tool to filter or delete your (SPAM) mail before it reaches your regular email client.

email clients email notifiers email checkers email tickers email notifiers checkers light-weight email checker reader anti-spam features

news software

NewsAloud by NextUp.com

NewsAloud personal news agent from NextUp.com finds the stories you want, then reads them aloud in a natural, human sounding voice. Supports optional AT&T Natural Voices.

news text to speech text to mp3 assistive technology blind dyslexia reading disability newsaloud find news stories then reads them aloud pc mp3 files

text software

Text Animator Demo by Peter Gehrig

Use the new Text Animator to create 23 different text animations for your webpages. The powerful tool displays your animation in realtime while you are adding and editing your messages. No programming required.

text animation dhtml javascript generator scvroller ticker message marquee factory download free create 23 different text animations webpages without programming skills

stocks software

CoolTick - Stock Ticker by The Spencer Group LLC

CoolTick is an simple, small, intuitive, scrolling stock ticker. It's loaded with customizable options including your own list of as many stocks as you want to watch.

stocks stock market finance portfolio simple small intuitive scrolling stock ticker


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