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clock software

Trouts Talking Internet Clock by Chemware Ltd

Analog Desktop Clock, Scheduler, Time Synchronizer and Time Zone Viewer. Desktop clocks with any graphic. Schedule multimedia, text reminders, run programs. Text-to-Speech support with Microsoft Agent characters. Synchronize time with atomic clocks.

clock clock time internet internet alarm schedule desktop utility analog reminder ntp atomic clock appointment time server time management synchronize hourly chime organize world clock clocks time zone time zones daylight saving

atomic time software

Emsa Time Synchronizer by EMSA SYSTEMS LTD

Emsa Time Synchronizer is a very simple but useful time synchronization utility. Users that like simplicity, may indeed like this program. It can continously update time in background and autorun at system startup. Freeware.

atomic time time atomic time synchronization time synchronizer time sync time synchronization utility time utility emsa time synchronizer atomic time sync utility windows freeware

atom time synchronizer software

Atom Time Synchronizer by LMHSOFT.COM

AtomTime Synchronizer is a useful and handy utility to keep your PC clock accurate. It can periodically check and synchronize your computer time with a NIST atomic time server, or synchronize time between computers, and can also act as a time server

atom time synchronizer atomic clock atomic time time synchronization synchronize time server atom time sntp time synchronizer time client time tool atomic clock time nist atom time synchronizer keep pc clock accurately synchronized

windows software

Windows Time Synchronizer by Stefan Sigmund

Windows Time Synchronizer is a time client and server to synchronize the computer clock over the network. The time client receives the current time from a time server located in your local network or somewhere in the internet.

windows time daytime sntp nist synchronize client server clock time synchronizer windows sntp time daytime nist protocol support

time software

WebTimeSync by VicTech Software

The WebTimeSync 6 time synchronizer connects to one of the NIST atomic clock time servers to synchronize your computer's clock.

time clock atomic clock synchronize date nist webtimesync synchronizes computers clock nist

isp software

SP Dialer by Alexander Panchenko

Award winning 3 in 1 solution - advanced Internet dialer, time synchronizer and proxy server. It can redial multiple lines, restore broken connections, calculate online time, cost and traffic, launch and close programs, synchronize clock and so on.

isp dialer proxy server connection sharing time synchronizer autodialing dun dial redial redialer dialing internet automated dial-up dialup ras dialler clock synchronizing

xptuneup software

XPTuneup by XPTuneup Software and Consulting

XPTuneup has been designed to tuneup and customize Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Increase Network Performance and download speeds, make your system work faster.

xptuneup tune xp xp pro xp tweaking performance tuning boost speed increase download time xptuneup designed tuneup customize microsoft windows xp pro


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