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bookmark software

1st TurboRun Internet by Green Parrots Software

Instead of running a browser and navigating through endless Favorites menu, just type a few letters of the desired web site title. Then press Enter to open it. In addition, find all recently saved favorites in seconds, even if you forgot their names!

bookmark favorite find search locate lost internet favourite site web recent explorer too favorites problem anymore open favorite internet site instantly

easy software

FlashRun by Mufeng Studio

FlashRun is a usefull tool.It can run any programme or open any other files with the hotkey,even connect a web site!You can define the hotkey as you like.For example,you can setup the hotkey "word" to run MS Word or "yahoo" to open!

easy high-powered make easy run program open website

outlook software

Outlook Password by Thegrideon Software

Outlok Password allows you to recover passwords which MS Outlook Personal Storage (PST) files are protected with. It is not the real recoverer ? it will show you a combination of characters which will allow you to open PST file.

outlook pst personal storage file password recover break account name server outlok password recover pst files accounts passwords

server software

AdRem sfConsole by AdRem Software

Encrypted, Web and eDirectory-enabled remote/local access to the NetWare console; access rights management; emergency connection and file transfer; user activity audit; ability to open multiple server and program screens; low footprint

server management network novell netware diagnostics server management network management netware management remote access encrypted directory- web-enabled remote access netware console

i-mate software

Heineken by German IT Development Ltd.

Shows a Heineken bottle and glass on your desktop that refills by itself Click the bottle to open it and fill the glass. Drink it slowly and enjoy the fresh taste of your virtual Heineken. Right click it to get an extended menu!

i-mate fun desktop screenmate heineken bier shows heineken bottle glass desktop refills itself

editor software

Scribble Pad by Easy Software Ltd

Scribble pad is the ultimate utility for accessing often used text. Any of 1900+ items of text can be recalled to the Scribble Pad editor with only two mouse clicks - one on the group and one on the item. You never need to open a file.

editor notepad scribblepad pim scratchpad scratch pad instant access 1900 itms text

shortcut software

LaunchIt NOW! Plus by GemiScorp

Why waste your valuable time searching for the programs, files, folders and favorite URLs you want to open if you can have them always at hand, organized and ready to be launched? Why don't you start using LaunchIt NOW! Plus? It's very easy to use.

shortcut manager icon desktop quick launch tray run organize hotkey launcher organizer launching easy favorites frequently url windows software shareware


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