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ipod2copy software

iPod2Copy by xtremsoft

iPod2Copy backups, transfers and save all your playlists in only one clic, you can choose between many exportations format in many sub folders. it shows a combo with your iPod playlists, choose one an backup it into iTunes.

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project timer software

VeriTime Time Tracker by PCFWorks

VeriTime is a task/activity time tracking program that enables you to keep track of time spent and to record a description of the action performed.

project timer task timer activity timer project management todo list time tracker time tracking veritime task activity time tracking program keeps track time

syslog daemon software

Kiwi Syslog Daemon Service by Kiwi Enterprises

A Windows and NT Syslog Daemon that receives, logs, displays and forwards Syslog messages from Routers, Switches and UNIX hosts. Many custom options. Includes PIX firewall TCP support and LinkSys home firewall SNMP support.

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disabled right click software

Source Code Browser by

Don't you hate those webpages that try to prevent you from viewing their source code or saving images by disabling Right-Click? Now you can view the source of any webpage, as well as save any image from a webpage, using this source browser software!!

disabled right click no right click source code webpage source web source view source html save as now view source webpage even no-right-click protection

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