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Traffic Software

avi software

Video Screensaver Maker by SoftDD

Create your own video screensavers, then send to others, royalty free.

avi mpeg mpg video screensaver make your own screensaver screensaver creator screensaver maker multimedia screensavers create maker creator make your own distribute screen

network monitor software

Network Probe by ObjectPlanet, Inc.

Network Probe is a network monitor and protocol analyzer

network monitor network probe protocol analyzer packet sniffer network probe network monitor protocol analyzer

sniffer software

Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer by Atelier Web

Real-time mapping of ports to processes (applications and services), history and data logging since boot-time of all TCP, UDP and RAW ports open through Winsock.

sniffer firewall mapping ports spyware trojan security lsp layered service provider applications process log data sent received internet

promotion software

SignPoster by InterLyn

Need a higher ranking in the search engines? SignPoster can help you analyze, optimize and submit your site to search engines like Google, AltaVista, FAST, Inktomi and millions more to help your site get more search engine traffic.

promotion promote submit submission traffic doorway meta metatag meta-tag meta tag metatags google altavista lycos fast inktomi doorway pages submitting optimize optimization search engine rank ranking listing listings

networking software

NetLimiter by Locktime Software

NetLimiter is developed to monitor applications which access the internet and actively control their internet traffic. You can use it to set (download/upload) speed limits for applications or even single connection.

networking bandwidth monitor shaper limiter internet internet traffic control monitoring utility

internet software

Internet Connection Counter by CountersLab

This program displays various statistics about your Internet connection (traffic, time, money). Settings and logs for different ISPs are supported. The program has the following editable counters: Connection period, Incoming/Outgoing traffic, Speeds.

internet traffic connection counter provider statistics money tariff time outgoing incoming gprs program displays various statistics about internet connection

create software

Create IE toolbar online by

New product -- Online Dynamic Toolbar builder. Allows you to create Internet Explorer toolbar for your site in seconds. Creating Your Own Toolbar Is As Easy as 1,2,3. Get the toolbar for your site as Google, eBay and Yahoo did.

create ie toolbar online build toolbar builder toolbar maker create dynamic ie toolbar online build explorer toolbar seconds

webposition software

WebPosition Gold by

WebPosition Gold offers both the best quality and best value in the industry. It submits you to the top 101 search engines which generates 95% of the search engine traffic. There is no other product on the market that rivals the product.

webposition webposition gold web position web position gold application developer internet utility submission improve rank major search engines generate over 95 traffics

firewall software

Omniquad Personal Firewall by Omniquad Ltd

Omniquad Personal Firewall is a personal security system to protect your computer from unauthorised access over the LAN and / Internet. It hides your PC on the internet to keep hackers from seeing it. Alerts the user of attempted intrusions

firewall secure internet connection monitor computer security online security hack filter block protect email security protect pc against unauthorised acces over lan internet using opf

control panel software

Hosting Controller Software by Advanced Communication

Hosting Controller is an add-on to your Windows based hosting server. It automates all hosting tasks including billing and gives full control to site owners without compromising any security. It is available in all major languages of the world.

control panel hosting control panel hosting automation automation windows control panel windows hosting control panel windows hosting windows hosting control panel windows automation remote access remote hosting hosting solution spanish turkish portuguese korean japanese chinese italian french german persian arabic

job costing software

AdAgentPlus by dSoft, Inc.

AdAgentPlus is a great tool for Advertising Agencies to help maximize productivity. The system performs many tasks including job tracking, costing, estimating, and purchase order entry.

job costing estimating estimate tracking traffic accounting adagentplus great utility advertising agencies

packet sniffer software

LinkFerret-Remote Capture Agent by Baseband Technologies, Inc.

Remote is an efficient, easy to use, low cost, Ethernet/802.11B capture agent. Network admins may use it in scripts to periodically sample and store network traffic. Non-technical personnel can capture files and automatically forward results.

packet sniffer protocol analyzer ethernet network monitor sniffer monitor network network sniffer linkferret easy low cost real-time ethernet 802 11b frame capture agent

personal firewall software


TermiNET program is an ideal security solution for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and home users who wish to connect to the Internet securely but do not have the resources to support a large security infrastructure.

personal firewall firewall infotecs terminet security internet pc protection safe mode stealth closed protect connection settings danu infotecs gis onguardnetworks networks

exchange software

Open Relay Filter Enterprise Edition by Vamsoft Ltd.

ORF Enterprise Edition is an enterprise-level anti-spam solution that helps you to block spam before it reaches your network. ORF uses DNS blacklists (DNSBL/RBL databases like MAPS) and has its own tools to stop spam on SMTP protocol level.

exchange spam filter dnsbl open relay rbl email filter anti-spam high-performance anti-spam utility exchange server

log software

Relax for Windows by ktmatu

Relax for Windows is a free, web server log analyzer that tracks which search engines, search keywords and referring URLs led visitors to the web site. Frequently updated parser module recognizes hundreds of search engines.

log log analyzer log analyser log analysis referrer log referer statistics stats tracking search engine keyword url search traffic log analyzer tracks referrers search engines search keywords


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