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magitime software

Magitime by Magistone Systems

Magitime is use to monitor online time, expense, bandwidth and data transfer. It detects Dial-up, and ISDN as well as network based connections. Also bundled useful 8 utilities like Scheduler, World Timer, Moon Phase, Shutdown timer, Chronograph etc

magitime bookmark scheduler synchronize time online timer bandwidth monitor moon phase alarms shutdown timer online expense dialup monitor chronograph network monitor traffic monitor internet utilities net statistics world time transfer graph

bookmark manager software

AcqURL by GT Technologies

AcqURL is not only a bookmark manager, it is the simplest and most powerful way to find, organize and access any data you choose. The program includes a bookmark manager, FTP client, a file launcher and a user defined meta search engine.

bookmark manager links acqurl bookmarks ftp client search engine verify links easy powerful bookmark manager including ftp client file mgr

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