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image software

XShow by Softuarium

ActiveX control to create over 100 transition effects between images in popular formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, EMF, WMF, DIB, PCD, PCX, PSD, PSP, TGA, TIF). Images shown in original size or stretched. User defined background color and background image.

image slide show effects fading fx special fx picture transition screen saver multimedia processing activex control creating slide shows screen savers images

vcd software

FlyVCDPro by FlyVCD Software

FlyVCD is a powerful utility to create VCD, SVCD, or DVD compatible MPG files from digital pictures (BMP or JPG) and music (MP3). You can add text onto pictures and set transition effects between them.

vcd create vcd dvd create dvd picture to vcd picture to dvd powerful utility create vcd svcd compatible mpg pictures

download software

Amaze! by Xequte Software

Amaze displays your favorite set of images and Multimedia using random transition effects and many other options. Thumbnail support allows you to quickly select your desired images.

download shareware photo screen saver photo screensaver screensaver screensaver software slide show screen saver slide show screensaver image screensaver image screen saver picture screen saver picture screensaver image saver

screensaver maker software

Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker by Acme Photo Software

Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker is a professional photo screen saver maker. APSSM makes it easy to build a fully customizable screen saver with your own photos and music fast. There are 86 cool transition effects and 23 dynamic headline effects.

screensaver maker screen saver maker easy build professional photos music fast

slide show software

Digital Photo Slide Show & Screen Saver by Voelker Software Development

Digital Photo Slide Show is the perfect solution for sharing your digital photos in a slide show format either as a screen saver, slide show, wallpaper changer, web slide show or on a CDROM. Over 120 transition effects for a professional display.

slide show slideshow photo sharing slide show software screensaver html internet cd-rom autorun viewer viewer wallpaper resizer resize


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