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zip software

Unpacker by Paehl

Unpacker is a GUI-Unpacker for: ZIP/RAR/ACE/CAB/ARJ/BZ2/UHARC/Tar/LHA/LZH/7Z/Deepfreezer (v 1 and 2) BlakHole and GZ archiv. Easy to use with drag&drop.

zip rar ace cab bz2 gz2 extract unpack

pack software

Emissary by InstallAware Software Corporation

Package any digital content for online delivery - from digital artwork to complete software installations. Packages can be created in any language and secured with passwords, electronic signatures. License agreements can be shown before unpacking.

pack compress cab package self extract create packages online content delivery installations

rar software


UnRAR dynamic library for software developers Unrar.dll is the library to unpack RAR archives. You may use it in your freeware or commercial programs without any additional fees.

rar winrar archive compress packing extracting convert library unrar dll dynamic software developers

resource software

PE Explorer by Heaventools Software

Windows 32-bit PE (portable executable) file editor. Offers easy-to-use tools such as a Visual Resource Editor, DLL Viewer, Exported/Imported API Function Viewer, UPX Unpacker, Dependency Scanner and Disassembler for win32 EXE and DLL files.

resource editor dll viewer grabber exe icon disassembler syntax decompiler delphi import extract resource dependency scanner win32 easy

extractor software

Extractor by CalCom

Simple application to extract ZIP, GZIP, JAR and TAR archive files. Platform independent due to pure Java technology. Help included. Freeware. Java VM required.

extractor unpacker decompression decompress archives zip gzip tar jar java java vm jdk jre application archive

database software

MindModel by MindModel Corporation

Free trial version. MindModel is PC database software that lets you collect and view any information in new ways. Not only can you see the facts, you can also discover relationships among them. Free technical support and data conversion services.

database pim information manager knowledge managment outlook excell pc collect view information new ways

log analyzer software

Web Log Suite by ExactTrend

Web Log Suite is a powerful web server log analyzer. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser. It will give you information about your site's visitors, file access, etc.

log analyzer log analysis web statistics web site statistics site apache iis tracking referrer activity visitors server logs web server analize internet logs log format supported

zip software

Filzip by Philipp Engel

Filzip is THE ultimate freeware archiver to handle about 15 archive formats for Windows. It supports full shell integration what means creating, extracting, testing and emailing archives with one click. It's really fast.

zip compresssion rar lha ziptool freeware filzip ultimate freeware archiver handle about 15 formats

anticrack software

AntiCrack Software Protector Basic by AntiCrack Inc

AntiCrack Software Protector is not only a dll exe protector,but also a dll exe compressor.You can use it to compress and protect your exe dll files step by step. AntiCrack Software Protector is a dll exe protection and dll exe compression tool.

anticrack antidebug antidump antitrace software protect software protection software protector exe protect exe protection exe protector dll protect dll protection dll protector software compress software compression software compressor exe compressl

slice software

Slice'n'Splice by SadMan Software

Slices huge files into manageable chunks, and then splices them back together again. Useful for transferring files to other machines via floppy, email or internet, without having to restart the whole job if a single floppy fails.

slice splice chop split splitter chunk partition floppy size utility slices huge smaller chunks splices them recreate original


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