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net software

Net Connector by BayBuild Solutions

Net Connector is a Dial-Up Networking (RAS) utility designed to simplify Internet access and to manage unattended Internet activity. It has the ability to open a connection, launch an external program, and close the connection when the program ends.

net connector dial-up networking internet baybuild automates windows 95 98 nt 4 5 dial-up networking

split software

MG-Split by Michele Galante

MG-Split is a file split utility that can be used to split large files into smaller chunks, so they can be easily copied to floppy disks or sent by email.

split merge span floppy internet email mapi file split utility email support

search engines software

Hello Engines Standard by sofTRANS GmbH

Hello Engines" web promotion software will dramatically boost the traffic on your website by automatically submitting your Domain URL to over 700 Search Engines

search engines website promotion promotion engines directories automatic submission traffic url registration website registration submission software free hello engines hello-engines web promotion software submit domain url over 700 search engines

watchdog software

Watchdog - O - Matic by Wouter Dhondt

Watchdog - O - Matic will check and diagnose other programs. It will log all errors the other programs encounter. If the monitored application crashes or hangs, Watchdog - O - Matic will handle this and restart the application.

watchdog crash protect monitor program icq ftp restart watch email debug bug exception access violation keep programs running crash handling software

e-commerce software

ApoServer by ApoSoft

Platform for e-commerce and web-development, providing implementation of component oriented technologies and three-level architecture (interface, business, data), with ready to use modules and components.

e-commerce server internet web development programming application aposerver aposoft platform e-commerce web-development

guest book software

Guestbook Star by WebGenie Software Pty Ltd

Guestbook Star sets up your online guestbook. Collect valuable user feedback and opinion. You can reply directly to the visitor or post a reply. Your visitors' opinion might benefit your business. CGI on your server or on WebGenie's.

guest book feedback comments user opinion website management site monitoring cgi third party comments visitor comment visitor logbook error report user complaint user compliment anonymous feedback performance valuation user interaction guestbook cgi created receive feedback comments business

source software

SourceTree Analyzer 2002 by Nitro Technologies

SourceTree Analyzer is a small, fast and extremely powerful utility which empowers its user to quickly and effectively track changes between different revisions of document trees such as source code, websites and electronic publications.

source documents revision tree backup mirror email updater report quickly effectively track changes type document tree


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