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ASP huge file upload by PSTRUH Software

Easy to use, hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator. Let's you upload multiple files with size up to 2GB to a disk or database along with another form fields. Works with large posts, any character set, including unicode

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chart-s software

Active Server Image by eMarkSoft Inc.

Generate server side custom industrial, manufacture, business, medical, chemical charts in Bmp,Jpg, Png format for MS ASP. It handles multiple concurrent requests, while its light weight design consumes only a small amount of system resources.

chart-s graphic-s charting graphing data visualization asp web pages vbscript component active-x generate custom industrial manufacture business medical chemical charts

arisesoft software

Arisesoft Winsyntax by Arisesoft

Arisesoft Winsyntax - is a free PHP-code editor, with the syntax highlighting and the context help for professional scripting. Supporting of the line kinds for PC/UNIX and encoding between ANSI-UTF8-KOI8. Integrated File Manager. Other features.

arisesoft winsyntax php code edit editor free syntax highlighting koi8 arisesoft winsyntax free php-code editor context help

macromedia software

Active Server Flash Standard by eMarkSoft Inc.

Generate web server side adverting banner, dynamic content in Macromedia flash format from your Active Server Pages (VBScript and JScript), your PHP scripts. Programing Language: ASP/PHP/COM/Visual Basic/VBScript/JScript/C/C++

macromedia flash swf chart-s graphic-s charting graphing data visualization asp php web pages server side vbscript jscript component active-x dll

character software

Chilkat Character Encoding Conversion ActiveX by Chilkat Software, Inc.

ActiveX component for converting text and HTML from one character encoding to another. Supports all western languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Cyrillic, Greek, Unicode, utf-8 and more.

character encoding charset codeset convert conversion unicode utf-8 chinese korean russian hebrew arabic thai vietnamese cyrillic ukrainian greek turkish

text editor software

PolyEdit by PolySoft Solutions

PolyEdit is both a word processor and a plain text editor, that is designed to provide the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding word processing requirements.

text editor word processor text processor word processing text processing document processing shareware security cryptography encryption crypt edit poly edit word word perfect polysoft rich text format rtf doc etf wpd wri xls unicode

paperdoll software

PaperDoll Design Studio by

You'll find lots of paperdolls, clothes, paperdoll furniture and other items that you will be able to use to create your own personalized paper doll. The basket is filled with lots of painting tools to help you create your masterpiece.

paperdoll paper doll drawing editor paint print colorbook color book grab computer crayons program create paperdoll


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