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booster software

Memory Booster by NetGear

Frees RAM memory of unused sectors so that your applications run better.

booster tweak ram orpimizer optimizer ram frees ram memory unused sectors applications run better

horse software

TSPhotoFinish - Horse Racing by Tesoro Software, L.L.C.

Horse racing simulator and pari-mutuel wagering learning tool. An exiting program to play while learning the basics of pari-mutuel wagering that also helps you learn to read the racing program (past performances) to start handicapping!

horse racing simulator pari-mutuel wagering betting thoroughbred horse racing simulator pari-mutuel wagering learning tool

sports software

Sports Card Collection by 2030 Productions

Allows you to organize your sports card collection with ease and enjoyment. The simple to use interface will give you fast and productive results. Screens will allow you to add, delete, edit, view, print, and much more.

sports card organize

arcade software

Island Wars 2 by InterAction studios

Deep in the South Pacific, two islands battle over their palm trees! Hop in your biplane and bomb the enemy trees while using your cannon to protect your own. Features 6 gametypes, 7 mutators, 10 gameplay parameters, 5 skill levels, worldwide scores.

arcade shooters shoot-em-up war tank action duel island sea airplane cannon two islands battle over their palm trees fast-paced action 1-2 players

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