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love cards software

Love Puzzles by FreeeSpirits

Puzzling stuff, love and romance. So we made some puzzles for you to send to that special person in your life. They're free, so help yourself to as many as you like, and go make someone happy.

love cards romantic jigsaw puzzles valentine cards free software gifts free greeting cards free puzzles celebrate love make every day valentines day

screen software

Fantasy Girl by Drawing Hand by Drawing Hand Creations

Watch as an artist's hand draws a girl from your fantasies. This version draws the fantasy girl completely with no nag messages. This is one of over 200 drawings that the screen saver can draw.

screen saver art draw screensaver car christmas thanksgiving halloween watch artists hand draws girl fantasies

valentine software

Valentine by NexusMedia

In the Be My Valentine Screen Saver, a MIDI-based romantic-sounding tune plays as hearts of various sizes fall from the top of screen. You may adjust the speed each size heart, add your valentine's name, and display a cute "Be My Valentine" graphic

valentine holiday cupid cute valentine screensaver loved one

love software

Oh So Romantic Vol1 by FreeeSpirits

Imagine a world without love... terrible thought! It is our duty to ensure that love blossoms all around us. These full-size printable greeting cards are wrapped in romantic notions which should be kept alive all year, not only on Valentine's day.

love romantic valentines happiness greeting cards free gifts special occasions printable print your own advertising promotion fun entertainment love really makes world go round do bit keep our planet spinning

valentine software

Happy Note! Valentine by Happy Note!

Send all your favorite people a free musical Happy Note! Valentine: a delightful little program that has two little hearts dance and bounce about your screen to a lively tune: when they bump into each other, they exchange a kiss!

valentine love fun funny send favorite people funny program celebrate valentines day

holiday screensaver software

Valentine Day Screensaver FREE by Altix Soft

The screen saver fills your screen by colorfuls holiday images: hearts, beautiful flowers and butterflies, nice animals, and other pictures. Available such effects: flying, 3D box, date/time on top of the screen. A calm music plays in background.

holiday screensaver screens valentine valentine day holiday for love holiday of love hearts beautiful flowers butterflies altixsoft altix screensavers screensaver desktop valentine-day-com valentinesday-com holiday-com love-com screensaver fills screen colorfuls holiday images

screen software

American Flag With Eagle by Drawing Hand Creations

Watch as an artist's hand draws an eagle on the American flag.You have to see this screen saver to appreciate it. This is one of over 200 drawings that the screen saver can draw.

screen saver art draw screensaver car christmas thanksgiving july 4th watch artists hand draws eagle american flag

valentine software

Be My Valentine Screensaver by Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpaper

The Free Be My Valentine Screensaver displays 50 beautiful Valentine's Day themed images with 15 minutes of beautiful CD-quality piano music. Images feature wonderfully romantic quotes to help get you in the mood for love! Includes wallpaper support.

valentine love romance romantic holiday holidays heart flower flowers girl candy screen saver screen savers screensaver screensavers desktop enhancements

valentines day screen saver software

Hearts in Love Screen Saver by Acez Software

Hearts in Love Screen Saver is a classic Valentine's Day Screen Saver. Enjoy watching 3D hearts fly up towards the sky with little "sweetheart sayings" attached.

valentines day screen saver valentines day screen savers valentines screen saver heart screen saver heart valentines day screen saver displays 3d floating hearts

love software

Sweet Nothings by FreeeSpirits

To help you melt your loved one's heart, this freeware contains12 cards (and 4 envelopes) with tiny reminders of love to hide in unexpected places at surprising times. 80 more cards free at the Treasure Trove

love valentine romance greeting cards printable freeware sweep her off her feet make him feel ten feet tall valentines


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