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Surfpack Startpage by Softshape

Surfpack Startpage builds a single HTML page that contains all your favorite web resources displayed any way you like - URL links, newsfeeds, or entire web pages. Includes all-in-one RSS, ATOM, HTML, JavaScript aggregator and favorites manager.

homepage personal homepage startpage portal browser surfing favorites bookmark bookmarks manager rss atom newsfeeds feeds news create start page favorite rss xml html newsfeeds bookmarks

javascript grid software

CodeThatGrid by CodeThat.Com

CodeThatGrid is an advanced JavaScript Grid that enables user to display massives of data.

javascript grid dhtml grid show data advanced javascript grid enables user display missives data

ebooks software

eBook Pack Express by Caislabs Software, Inc.

E-Book Pack Express converts HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Flash and ActiveX files into stand-alone, compressed and encrypted e-books, manuals or presentations.

ebooks e-books activex ebook compiler e-book compiler ebook creation ebooks creation e-book creation e-books creation compiler html flash txt html compiler self-publish authoring ebooks publish ebooks publish e-book create ebooks

card software

JavaSolitaire by mental9Production

JavaSolitaire is a java Solitaire-like card game. This program is sold for only $12. However, to run it, you need the java runtime to be installed on your system. The java runtime can be downloaded for free from the java official web site.

card game javasolitaire java solitaire-like card game

java beautifier software

Polystyle Source Code Beautifier by Flashbulb Studios

- Free Trial - Automatically reformat other's code in your own style! Polystyle beautifies C/C++, JSP, Perl, Java, Pascal/Delphi, C#, CSS, Cmac, Javascript, HTML, XML, PHP, and Python.

java beautifier jsp beautifier html beautifier javascript beautifier php formatter java formatter jsp formatter html formatter pretty printer c c++ perl pascal delphi c# css cmac java javascript jsp html php python xml free trial automatically reformat code style

dhtml grid software

ActiveWidgets Grid (Free Edition) by ActiveWidgets Ltd.

Beat your competition with fast and reliable cross-browser data grid component. Advanced JavaScript library, professional design, quality source code, documentation, examples, support community. And all that for free (GPL).

dhtml grid web grid javascript grid .net datagrid asp controls php widgets add powerful cross-browser datagrid component internet application free

website software

The Website Utility by Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited

The Website Utility examines websites for errors and other issues. Additonal features include creation of client-side JavaScript website search facility and website sitemap/table of contents.

website websites error errors issues missing broken hyperlinks links titles content javascript search facility engine table of contents site map sitemap


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