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ASP.NET Barcode Professional by Neodynamic

Control which generates barcode images for ASP.NET. Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies (All in One). Cross-Browser Compatible. Real WYSISWYG. Crystal Reports .NET Support! Transparent background support for GIF and PNG. AutoSize, DPI, AntiAlias, etc.

code 39 rdlc code 128 vb c# reportviewer crystal reports

action software

Arch Wing by Jagged Blade Software

So why would you want to play Arch Wing? The better question to ask, is "Why wouldn't you want to play Arch Wing?" Try this game, you will certainly get enjoyment from it, so much so infact that you will be stuck in a state of shear excitement...

horde feel the rush mind blowing alien ships action entertainment oblivion

gbw32 software

GRAPE GBW32 v4.0 by Grape Software Inc.

GBW32 v4.0 is a 32 bit Windows 95/98/NT 3D Finite Element program that uses standard third order beam and truss elements to model a wide range of Civil and Mechanical structures. GBW32 v4.0 is available for download. Registration is $189.95 US.

truss element structure beam stress analysis finite


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