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hash software

HashX by BoilingBit Software

HashX is a powerful yet very easy to use application designed for computes hash value(checksum) for any single file, it allows you to verify that downloaded files are not corrupted or otherwise unusable.

md2 drag and drop result format checksum hash value clipboard

email tracking software

eMailTrackerPro 2005 by Visualware Inc.

eMailTrackerPro helps identify the true source of emails to help track suspects, verify the sender of a message, trace and report email abusers. The trace analysis reports the sender's IP address, estimated location, network and domain information.

anti-spam email tracking spam track email email spammers

file software

File Monitor by Lowes Technologies Consulting

LTC File Monitor software allows you to compare a local file with a remote file easily. This can be over any network connection. Designed to verify web page content at the binary level-protect and detect when your file content is changed.

email messages enabled cell phone web page content send emails colour coded phone pager

link verify software

Link Verify by Rank Exec Software

Webmasters verify your affiliate and reciprocal links with your trading partners. Automatically check for your link on other sites with Link Verify. Both simple URL check and advanced, preferred, HTML code. Maintains contact information.

link check link tool link verify reciprocal link checker audit link manager verify

anticrack software

ACProtect standard by risco software

ACProtect is an application that allows you to protect Windows executable files(PE files) against piracy. Using public keys encryption algorithms (RSA) to create and verify the registration keys and unlock some RSA key locked code.

exe compress exe protector anti crack software protection files antidebug anti debug

signstation software

SignStation by C & A s.r.l.

SignStation is an innovative application that lets you apply a digital signature, verify the digital signature on a signed file, encrypt and decrypt files and manage certificates, among other functionalities like email, hash, and file management.

decrypt files office productivity own mail wizard mode mail engine classic interface

net framework check software

NETCheck by ksoft

NETCheck is a utility that .NET developers can use within their own application to verify if the required version of the .NET framework is installed and allow the user to download it.

net framework check download -net check -net version deploy -net net download install

extract email software

Emailserver detector by chenziyi

Emailserver detector is a software designed to directly search email addresses from mail SMTP servers.It can verify all user names that you specified on the mail server and send message to valid email addresses.

search email addresses example hotmail embeded smtp server informs specail

checksum software

Advanced CheckSum Verifier by Irnis I.Haliullin

Comprehensive SFV and MD5 checksum utility for Windows. The handy and fast utility for protecting the integrity of files. It will allow you to verify the accuracy of your data after you burn a CD or transfer a files over a network.

data 98 checksum checksum sfv md5sum transfer


EF CheckSum Manager by EFSoftware

EF CheckSum Manager is a program designed for the integrity examination of files on the standard formats SFV and MD5. They can verify existing checksums or create new checksum for your important data.

md5 checksum free updates burning program ef mail


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