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signature software

QuickSigner by CommuniCrypt Software

Tool for quickly digitally signing or verifying text or files with Public-Key-Encryption with RSA encryption algorithm (RSAES-OAEP).Key length for signing up to 7120 bit.

signature encryption decryption rsa security network communication communicrypt crypto digitally signing verifying files text rsa public-key

mathematical calculator software

MathStudio by

A big difference this program has among ordinary calculators is that this program enables you to see simultaneously each element involved, checking it?s resolution step by step, verifying it?s results, reducing the possibilities of making mistakes.

mathematical calculator equation solver step by step calculator educational math math function math equation solve math equations solve math functions math studio equation solver step step solve mathematical equations steps

usenet software


The ANTI-SPAM usenet picture downloader! Features include Automatic resume/restart - Integrated jpeg tester - Supports collecting and verifying with MTCM-CSV - sub-string anti-spam blacklist - yEnc support - and much more!

usenet newsreader pics pictures images jpg jpeg downloader anti-spam usenet picture downloader resume restart yenc support

orbit simulator software

Orbit Xplorer by

Educational orbit and gravitation simulator for high school, college and beginning university physics and astronomy. Easily create, run, print and save a simulation. Includes 29 premade simulations with activities page in html-format.

orbit simulator orbit simulation gravitation gravity physics astronomy education high-school physics college physics educational orbit gravitation simulator high school college physics

verify software

Advanced Maillist Verify by Tweak Marketing Inc.

AMV determines which of addresses in mailing list are dead. The program supports databases (ODBC SQL), TheBat, Eudora and Windows address books, Socks5 proxy protocol. Has open ActiveX/COM and CGI/ISAPI interfaces for developers.

verify email address mail list dead verifing validator delivery error verifying valid checker mailing list manager checking address verification direct delivery e-verify com component evalidator everify thebat eudora e-validator activex

froogle software

FroogleFeeder by

FroogleFeeder is a Windows tool to create, verify & submit Froogle datafeeds easily. Based on a wizard user-interface, it allows you to: - Add products quickly - Verify your information - Convert into Froogle's format - Submit to Froogle

froogle datafeed data feed google froogle datafeed froogle data feed froogle data-feed internet marketing search engine submission froogle submission search engine software shopping comparison web marketing ecommerce net marketing easily create verify submit froogle datafeeds wizard type interface

weonlydo software

wodCrypt by WeOnlyDo! Inc.

wodCrypt is a lightweight component that provides strong encryption for your applications. It provides supports for most common crypto algorithms, such as:AES, DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, Cast, RC2, RC, RC5, etc...

weonlydo wod crypt component activex security encryption wodcrypt component provides strong encryption applications


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