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list software

Checklist by Tracker Software

Checklist is designed to allow you to keep lists on any subject and then check off the items. You may print entire lists, want lists or have lists. Some ideas for its use are: collectibles, book lists, video lists, CD lists, grocery list, guest list.

list checklist keep lists check off items

catalog software

Catalogue of disks by Gasaw Software

The program allows to systematize the information on disks easily. The program can be applied not only houses, but also in shops of hire of disks, etc. Work with debtors, search on contents of disks and many other things is supported.

catalog disk music mp3 video cd-r cd-rw hdd fdd audio-disc debtor

filmmanager software

Filmmanager by Sagensoft

Filmmanager is a program with which you are able to manage your movies easily. With this program you are able to load information directly from the amazon database, or from an avi-file.

filmmanager dvd manager video manager video collector movie manager dvd library divx library

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