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encryption software

CryptArchiver by WinEncrypt Encryption Software and Security Solutions

A powerful shareware encryption utility that allows you to create a virtual encrypted drive on your PC. Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Hide & encrypt your important files and folders using strong 448 bit encryption!

password files email encryption software types of files usb devices text graphics

title buttons software

Actual Title Buttons Lite by Actual Tools

Add new Rollup\Unroll Window and Stay on Top buttons to any window's title bar next to Minimize/Restore/Close. These useful new buttons are as easy to use as the standard ones. Configure any window to suit your tastes!

mail clients title buttons windows word windows management offline browsers chores

security software

ZipWorx SecureEXE by ZipWORX LLC

ZipWorx SecureEXE is an Advanced Executable Protection System. The intended audience for ZipWorx SecureEXE is software developers, distributors and others who distribute software to commercial clients

encryption executable protection blowfish security aes

fat software

fsMechanic by fsSuite software

fsMechanic - fast and powerful solution for data recovering. Implements 3 original algorithms, supports FAT and NTFS, has a simple "Explorer"-like interface and much more!

original algorithms undelte 3 unerase fat fast fsmechanic

stopwatch software

SnapTimePro by Measurement And Conversion Software

A unique multi-functional Digital Stopwatch application featuring variable timing resolution (can be set anywhere from 1/100 second to 1 second). It includes cycle-rate (cycles/second and seconds/cycle) and speed (kph or mph) measurement modules.

timing results fast forward keyboard hotkeys formatted button control digital stopwatch

javascript scroller software

Active Scrolling Text & News Scroller by Sirius Computer Consultants Limited

The Scrolling Text function is capable of scrolling any HTML content including text and images. With Configurator tool implementing is easy. Simply select the settings you require and the Configurator will provide you with the code to paste.

scrolling javascript scroller scrolling text javascript scrolling text css scroller scroller css scrolling text

ftp software

wodFtpDLX by WeOnlyDo! Inc.

Secure FTP client ActiveX component th It supports old, very common, FTP protocol, but also secured FTPS (FTP+SSL) and SFTP (FTP+SSH). It supports old, very common, FTP protocol, but also secured FTPS (FTP+SSL) and SFTP (FTP+SSH).

sftp ssl protocol security component encrypted ftps

pim software

TreePad X Enterprise (8 Gb, single-user) by Freebyte

Next-generation 12 Gigabyte Organizer, opens 8 databases simultaneously. Includes: Word Processor, spellcheck tables search/replace, skinning, drag-drop import/export, hyperlinks, auto-save, images, attachments recycler favorites history etc.

image tree rtf rich text manager photo organizer

sticky software

Aversoft Sticker by Aversoft

Aversoft Sticker is featured reminder / scheduler for Windows. Sticker allows you to create as many notes as you want, set note's alarm, schedule tasks, print notes and lock them from being accidentally deleted. The notes are saved automatically.

pictures downloads desktops customize xp sticky post-its

multiple desktop software

Mahalosoft BionicSpider by Mahalosoft

BionicSpider v1.5 gives you absolute and complete control over every opened window.

multiple desktop categorized program windows switch back desktop group workspace


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