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rhythm rider software

Rhythm Rider by AlwaysLearn Software

A 3D Music visualization plug-in for MS Windows Media Player. Play MP3, WAV and music CDs and ride the music wave in a 3D environment. Gives a roller coaster feel to your music. Three environments: a meadow, space and undersea.

music cd music mp3 music visualization 3d visualization ride music wave rider

interactive visualization software

InfoScope by Macrofocus GmbH

InfoScope is an interactive visualization tool to access, explore, and communicate large or complex datasets. InfoScope is a highly interactive visualization tool that shows the big picture by providing an overview of the essential relationships.

data visualization interactive visualization

2d software

3D Grapher by RomanLab Software

Powerful yet easy-to-use graph plotting and data visualization software. You can plot and animate 2D and 3D equation and table-based graphs. The unlimited number of graphs can be plotted in one coordinate system using different colors and lighting.

data graphing function surface equation equation graphs

molecule software

ViewMol3D by Andrew Ryzhkov

ViewMol3D is a program, created by Andrew Ryzhkov and Arcady Antipin is destined for visualization of molecules models from quantum chemistry calculations.

alchemy cpk models destined linux versions mol files molecules

data visualization software

SmileLab by Satimage-software

Data visualization and automation software for Mac OS X. Its plotting interface makes easier to plot data by importing files, specifying intermediate computations and access display settings, all in the same interface.

result data custom interface default behavior software components vector fields data representation

free disk space software

VisDir Free Disk Space Finder by SB-Software

This free user-friendly utility helps you visualize which programs on your hard drive are using too much disk space. It creates a navigable pie-chart visualization of the space utilization on your computer. Freeware with no expiration.

computer gimmicks disk space spyware windows 95 pie chart

multivariate statistics software

BioGoggles by nktSoft

BioGoggles provides easy analysis and visualization of your multivariate data. Automatic calculation of p-values and ROC areas for each variable. Scatter, Box-Whisker and ROC plots. Principal Component Analysis and 3D plot

anova student-t kruscal-wallis principal component analysis multivariate statistics p-value receiver operating characteristics

free dvd player software

AVS DVD Player FREE by Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK

It's full-featured MEDIA player - FREE AVS DVD Player. Watch DVDs, video and hear your favourite audio, customize aspect ratio for high quality video, set various presets for multichannel audio, apply audio visualization or new skins and even more!

dvd movies user friendly feature limitations dvds audio visualization m3u playlists

in excel software

4TOPS Compare Excel Files by 4TOPS

This easy to use program that clearly reports where and what the differences are. Features: - Differences in HTML Analysis report and Visualization reports are hyperlinked - Can be used as part of an automated process using API (ActiveX)

differences comparing in excel find differences comparing excel files differ comparison

powermapper software

PowerMapper Professional by Electrum Multimedia Limited

Allows web professionals to create interactive site maps with one click, providing site visualization and simple navigation. Maps show thumbnails of web pages, can be tailored using seven different styles and exported to a browser or printed.

web pages visualization web developers information architects usability maps show


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