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payroll software

VizAcc Payroll by Delphi Shop Seven

VizAcc Payroll is a complete payroll package written in Borland Delphi with full source code. Uses ADO and Ms-Access/MSDE/MS-SQL as the back-end end. For developers who want a payroll solution for their vertical markets. (UK + USA Market)

payroll payroll taxes payroll written borland delphi full source code supports uk usa

diary software

VizAcc Diary by Delphi Shop Seven

VizAcc Diary is a diary with daily-diary, calendar, planner, free-form word processor, contacts, sticky notes, tasks, biography, address book and more. Write-down your memoirs. There is a scratch-pad to enter your notes. Plan your time with Calendar.

diary journal log record shareware story vizacc writing memoirs journaling biography life-story pim personal management biography note-taking

freeform software

VizAcc Organizer by Delphi Shop Seven

VizAcc Organizer is a free-form hierarchical organizer. It comes with PDF, RTF and HTML generation capabilities so that you can export your data into Microsoft Word, or generate Web-pages. You can make a PDF document from it.

freeform organizer hierarchical database note-taker word processor freeform organizer note-taker jotter

c- formatter software

VizAcc C++ Formatter by Delphi Shop Seven

VizAcc C++ Beautifier/Formatter is a source code formatter for C/C++. Great for code walk-throughs! Ansi-C compatible

c- formatter beautifier ide tool format beauty c- source code formatter vizacc c beautifier formatter source code formatter c

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