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isdn software

Calling-Us Monitor by media21.de

Calling-Us Monitor is your personal ISDN call monitor, which informs about all incoming calls and receives voice messages via its three integrated answering equipment components. CAPI supporting ISDN hardware required. - free download, free support!

isdn sms capi phone monitor answering machine ae program start incoming calls isdn answering machine call monitor free download free support

azam software

Azam by Azam International Technologies Ltd

Use your PC to record, track and share meetings, phone calls, dictations, interviews, voice messages and audio reminders. Add text and keywords for easy searching. Send by email. Import/Export from/to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG. Templates included.

azam azam mp3 wma ogg import export voice recording dictation meeting recording phone recording tracking free message player playback productivity audio diary audio recording software audio management software audio messages voice messages

voice email software

MailAmp Voice Email by MailAmp Ltd

Voice email plug-in for Outlook. Record voice messages in an MP3 format that you can send to anyone.

voice email voice e-mail mailamp mp3 email record emails outlook plug-in voice email plug-in ms outlook turns voice mp3 attachment

voicemail software

Vemail Voice Email Software for Windows by NCH Swift Sound

Vemail is software that lets you record and send voice messages instead of text using ordinary email.

voicemail vemail voice email voice message voice mail recorder sender

greeting card software

CyberGreetings by CyberSoft Automation

Create greeting cards in advance and schedule them to be sent at a later date. Add voice messages and photos for that personal touch telling your loved ones that you care. You choose the picture, the sound and the background.

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annotation software

JotSmart by DailyToast Inc.

JotSmart(tm) software gives you the power to capture and annotate (mark up) any information with graphic highlights, text notes and voice messages. Then, with a single click, send the information to your default email software.

annotation email communication voice message graphics multi-media messaging highlighting capture annotate send information default email program

webcammail software

WebcamMail by Webcam Corp.

WebcamMail makes the video file very small and easy to transmit even with a 56k modem with an impeccable image quality. The streaming video files created by WebcamMail are Windows Media compatible and can be opened on receiver's computer easily.

webcammail video mail video email voice mail voice email webcam dv camera camcorder 1394 firewire easiest way send video email even 56k modem


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