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phone recording software

Dictation Buddy by High Criteria, Inc.

PC audio recording system for call centers, phones, dictation and transcription.

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japanese software

ReadWrite Hiragana by Declan Software

ReadWrite Hiragana teaches the Japanese hiragana alphabet.

japanese hiragana katakana alphabet language readwrite hiragana teaches japanese hiragana alphabet

japanese software

ReadWrite Katakana by Declan Software

READWRITE KATAKANA assists beginners learning the Japanese Katakana alphabet.

japanese katakana hiragana alphabet language readwrite katakana assists beginners learning japanese katakana alphabet

attach software

CodeClip by The Code Closet

Attach Web links, multimedia, other languages, files, voice to ASCII text files

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japanese software

Declan's Japanese FlashCards by Declan Software

Declan's Japanese FlashCards - a configurable audio-based vocab learning tool.

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diary software

Smart Diary Suite by Programming Sunrise Ltd.

More than a simple diary or a PIM, it can be as simple or as complex as you need

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telephone voice changer software

Virtual Personality by Triplebit

A professional telephone voice changer. Telephone and internet support.

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