Wave_mapper Software

wave software

Wave Player by Ing. Tomas Koutny

A class that is able to play waves and mpeg1 audio from resource, memory and disk via TStream class. It uses WAVE_MAPPER instead of PlaySound, so that you can play waves simultaneously.

wave mp3 mp1 mp2 mpeg mpeg1 audio player delphi delphi class play wave mpeg1 audio files

java software

Professional News Ticker Applet by Tools Soft Solutions

News Ticker Features: Vertical news ticker applet. Customizable fonts, color, alignment. Configurable Back image position. Easy to use

java applet newsticker applet news ticker ticker java applet ticker applet fade effect text scroll vertical scroll news ticker applet image support

chair software

Chair Equals Money by Michael Schmitz Technologies

The only game where chair equals money! This game's rules are simular to those of Sokoban. The objective is to push chairs to certain destinations where they turn into money. Prepare to be challenged by the hundreds of rooms which come with the game.

chair equals money sokoban push strategy puzzle push chairs turn them money simple rules betray complexity

icelandic language software

LangPad - Icelandic Characters by WISCO Computing

LangPad - Icelandic Characters provides an easy way to insert Icelandic language characters and symbols into your WordPad and Notepad text. Click the mouse on a character or symbol in the chart, and it will be inserted into your text.

icelandic language icelandic characters foreign iceland langpad accents insert icelandic language characters symbols wordpad notepad text

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