Wavediff Software

mp3 software

WaveDiff by United Research Labs

WaveDiff ActiveX Control v1.0 processes a input wave file using FFT and returns the accuracy of match found with a reference wave file

mp3 audio wave speech synthesis voice type sound computer talking dragon dictate activewebspeech viavoice processes wave returns accuracy match found reference wave

bomberman software

Bombardix by Awem studio

Bombardix is the main character of this awesome game. The objective of the game is quite simple: to kill bosses on each world and to score as many points as many points as possible.

bomberman awem studio shareware game fun arcade action bomb family kids have seen bomberman game one before

equipment software

Maintenance Pro by Innovative Maintenance Systems

Maintenance Pro helps keep track of your preventive and repair maintenance for your equipment. Whether you are tracking facility maintenance, machinery, or office equipment, this software will do the job.

equipment maintenance facility plant building boat vessel fleet work order parts machinery vehicle car truck pm repair

word read software

Word Web-stream by Scalabium Software

This win-cgi script allow to read/open the any MS Word files on server side and return the html-converted contents (to client browser). No external libraries - fast, low resources, all MS Word formats, unicode.

word read word parse word open cgi word cgi doc word viewer doc viewer doc file read doc read word read document open word open xls save excel save xls convert xls

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