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desktop calendar software

Aeris Calendar by Mortal Universe

Aeris Calendar is a desktop calendar with current weather conditions, forecasts and severe weather alerts. Aeris Calendar allows you to easily add reminders, daily notes, todo lists and events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

notes events reminders weather holidays todo desktop calendar

weather software

VIMeteo by Valeri Vlassov

Real-time weather data from 7000 stations all around the world. History of weather data for the past 1 - 60 hours. USA or European style Frendly user interface

current station celsius 60 minutes press enter table button business trip

ezsurfer software

EZSurfer by

Get all the best bits of the Internet in one place, with this free powerful browsing companion, that saves you time! EZSurfer will bring up to the minute world news, weather & stocks update as well as sports news, music, live radio & tv stations.

radio tv sports news mail post office music live active chat broadband users

clouds software

FirmTools Clouds Screensaver by FirmTools

Amazingly realistic screensaver displays clouds moving in the sky. You''ll be captivated with dynamic representation. You can adjust weather conditions i.e. cloudiness in the sky, wind direction, speed of weather changes. DirectX 8.0 required.

weather changes wind direction sky weather conditions dynamic representation clouds

weather software

MyFreeWeather by MicroSmarts LLC

MyFreeWeather allows you to view the sky in any city in the world and track local weather. Watch the moving storm & weather patterns via Satellite & Radar. Also, view daily and detailed forecasts, local time and date for any location in the world.

myfreeweather weather alerts desktop weather local weather weather cams weather

australia software

Weather Stats (Australian only) by BirdCage Software

(FOR AUSTRALIAN WEATHER ONLY) Polls latest Weather Stats at intervals you choose. Data is displayed in a micro banner or System Tray text display (like the clock).

speed bar intervals cyclone metro clock bureau of meteorology

seamless software

Genetica by Spiral Graphics Inc.

Genetica 2 is a seamless texture editor with over 500 texture presets and automatic seamlessness. Among hundreds of new features are a new Substance Lab, a new Weather Lab, a new Cut & Tile Lab, and much, much more. Also comes in Pro edition.

seamless seamless textures stone shader texture tiling textures

europe software

webmizzle by Marek Jablonski

Webmizzle is a simple tool for monitoring current weather in Europe. It uses data that are available to the public (you can see the same images on countless www pages with any web browser).

painless current temperature precipitation forecasts satellite image satellite images weather in europe

rtty software

SeaTTY by DXsoft

A program to receive weather reports, navigational warnings and weather charts transmitted on longwave and shortwave bands in RTTY, NAVTEX and HF-FAX (WEFAX) modes. Only receiver and computer with a sound card are necessary.

longwave rtty computer weather reports hf fax navigational warnings

voyageplanning software

Navigation Toolbar by Andromeda Productions

Calculation of courses, distances, dead reckoning, and fuel consumption under various weather conditions. Including calculating courses and distances, tidal heights for large number of ports, tidal currents, vessels performance under various weather

tidal currents heavy weather risk tidal heights coastal navigation tropical storm


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