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nist software

Free Popup Window Blocker by xTy Technology

xTyHTMLDecrypter is a FREE and light-weighted Internet Explorer extension (not a toolbar!). Features: (1) Decrypt web pages that are encrypted using the NIST standard AES encryption. (2) Block popup windows efficiently. Sample of encrypted page

nist aes encryption web page decrypter web data security html encryption popup window blocker free ie extension 1 decrypt web pages 2 block popup windows

nist software

AES Encryption COM Component by xTy Technology

xTyAESCrypter is a standard light-weighted COM component for ASP, VC++, VB, etc. xTyAESCrypter implements the NIST standard AES (Rjindael) symmetric key encryption algorithm. Features: Efficient interfaces for encrypting/decrypting data.

nist aes encryption web data security html encryption data encryption symmetric key encryption nist standard aes encryption com component asp vc++ vb

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