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Basic Web Editor by Code Generation

Basic Web Editor is the first in the new Basic-Ware line of tools from Code Generation. Simple concept, powerful, fast tools with a small footprint. Everything you want in a web editor, without all the clutter. Full Html, CSS, and JavaScript editing.

editor web development html style sheets javascript editing web pages basic internet editor powerful fast editor small footrpint

toolbar maker software

Toolbar Builder by Unlimited Bandwidth

Creating your own site toolbar is free, fast and easy with our web editor. Add to your toolbar images, menus, sub menus, textboxes, links and separators.

toolbar maker toolbar builder toobar creating site toolbar free fast easy our internet editor

swiftedit software

Swiftedit by Website Creations Ltd

Swiftedit V2 is a powerful web editor solution for all web owners and webmasters. With Swiftedit V2 you could be editing your own website within minutes! It's as easy as using a word processor.

swiftedit web edit website editor online wysiwyg web content content management editing website web page swiftedit v2 powerful internet editor solution internet owners webmasters

asp software

Dynamic Web Content Builder by City Business Logic

Merges database content into your website. Design your pages as normal in your favourite web editor, place "tokens" where you would like fields to appear, or actions such as looping to produce a list. Can build Dynamic ASP and/or static HTML.

asp html database internet merge data static dynamic wizard automatic easy merges database content website builds dynamic asp static html

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TheNetter 650 Web Page Templates Mega-Bundle by TheNetter.com

web templates page site design html editor graphic template business

kisshtml software

KissHTML Editor by TLT Consulting

Keep It Simple Software or (Keep it Simple Stupid) HTML editor uses the KISS model, KissHTML is an ideal editor for the beginner to the professional web designer. KissHTML was designed with a simple to use straight forward user interface

kisshtml flexed html php asp javascript css easy text virtual wysiwyg based html editor support scripting

elib software


Elib, a great tool designed to collect and keep web info in a clear and tidy way. Well integrated into IE, eLib can collect web pages, images or flashes easily for you and save them into one single book file. Just try it. You can find more.

elib asb studio save web page save image save flash web page collector image collector great utility designed collect keep internet info clear tidy way

web editor software

CompactBuilder by Proxymis Multimedia

Compact Builder visual web site manager. Software that Updates creates and manages web pages directly within Internet Explorer toolbar with no scripts to be installed and no technical knowledge. Install the compact web builder and your browser turns

web editor html editor visual editor build your website web site manager mange website toolbar website web creator create web page web builder construct website web site manager web manager build web site construct wysiwyg html editor browser web

editor software

Amiasoft SiteAid by Amiasoft Corporation

Amiasoft SiteAid offers full HTML 4.0 Transitional support, feature rich Style Sheet support, an HTML validator, JavaScript tools, FTP support, colored syntax, spell check, advanced find/replace, full HTML and Style Sheet Help Files and much more.

editor html editor html validator html development html html solution java publishing html authoring markup language web design design full featured html style sheet editor built-in validator

html editor software

Dyna-Editor by DynaScene & Zoopsie Media

Dynamic Web Site Builder & Editor, with easy to use wysiwyg interface, easily installed to conveniently manage your web site in real-time! Create & Edit new and existing pages straight from a browser. Dyna-Editor connects directly to your web site.

html editor browser-based web editor web page wysiwyg web site builder online page creator web page creator site creator revolutionary browser-based internet editor dynamic user-friendly


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