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greeting card software

AMI Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set by Alchemy Mindworks

Create personal or business greetings that display on any Windows systems and can be e-mailed, uploaded to the Net or bundled with products. Use your pictures, sounds, animations, clickable web page links and Card Wizard to assemble cards in seconds.

greeting card graphics multimedia christmas birthday valentine get well card greeting wedding graphic alchemy mindworks rimmer create personal business greetings pictures sounds clickable internet links

intranet software

IntraLaunch by Particle Software

IntraLaunch allows HTML links to execute anything from .EXEs to associations such as .DOCs right from a web page. It can also open several Wizards, run dialog box, map network drives, shutdown the workstation, passwords, sound events, etc.

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presentation software

AMI Presentation Wizard by Alchemy Mindworks

Build distributable, self-displaying, interactive multimedia slide shows, photo albums, brochures, advertisements and portfolios that display on Windows systems. Transform your pictures, sounds, animations and ideas into professional presentations.

presentation ebook e-book brochure portfolio graphic graphics multimedia transform pictures sounds animations ideas interactive presentations

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