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download pictures software

GetPix by Exoticsoft

GetPix is a powerful, easy to use multi-threaded image downloader. It can quickly grab pictures from web pages and show them as a slide show. You can specify number of parallel threads, size of files, control duplicate filenames and use proxy.

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picture downloader software

Nici Picture Downloader by The DiScosel Group

Nici quickly downloads and saves free pictures and movies from public web-sites. Nici includes Picture and Thumbnail viewers, an Auto-Pilot for easy downloading, Security and Privacy features, and 12 modern themes.

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internet explorer software

Incredi IE Manager by IE Manager

Incredi IE Manager is an unique tool for managing in a new and comfortable way the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. Enhance the capabilities of your browser to a different level with this multi functional, easy to use program.

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alternative browser software

FineBrowser by SoftInform

Open multiple web pages in a single browser window. Block annoying pop-ups. Saves web pages into groups and open them with a single click. Hint window for visited pages contains comments, screenshots and more. Web pages translating and voicing?

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