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awatch software

Atomic Watch by Information Packaging

Website Downtime = Lost Revenue Watch your website to ensure you minimize downtime and maximize uptime. If your website is down, search engines may remove your site, partners may remove links to your site, ensure your site is up at all times.

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mysql software

Mysql Data Manager by cgiscriptshop.com

Web based and platform independent Mysql GUI. Mysql Data Manager is written in Perl as a CGI script. Using browser based graphic interface, it provides a powerful tool to manage and maintenance Mysql databases online.

mysql mysql client mysql data manager web interface web client database web client database front end multiplatform generic mysql client

web site promotion software

Web CEO Free Edition by Radiocom

Web CEO is a complete professional suite for search engine marketing, web site maintenance and traffic analysis.

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password software

My Passwords by Custom Business Applications Corporation

My Passwords is a secure, central repository for managing personal infor for Internet sites, software licenses, and credit cards just to name a few uses. It stores category,service name, user names (IDs), passwords, hints, code words, URLs, comments.

password passwords mypasswords my passwords personal information pin pins code codes key keys license key license keys license manage web sites software login info pins keys code words

ftp software

WebMaster FTP by ZZEE

FTP program designed for webmasters whose sites are on UNIX-like hosts. It has some unique features like automatic setting of the correct file permissions, Explorer-style left folder tree, UNIX special file support and more.

ftp webmaster utility utility client program programme software shareware zzee server site management transfer file unix linux bsd apache

ftp software

Site Publisher by Helexis Software Development

Site Publisher - is automatic FTP client. This program gives you an opportunity to update your web site or home page easily with single mouse click!

ftp server client upload download site html http webmaster uploader resume transfer helexis alexander burlakov smart automatic ftp client designed webasters site owners

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