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nist software

AES Encryption COM Component by xTy Technology

xTyAESCrypter is a standard light-weighted COM component for ASP, VC++, VB, etc. xTyAESCrypter implements the NIST standard AES (Rjindael) symmetric key encryption algorithm. Features: Efficient interfaces for encrypting/decrypting data.

nist aes encryption web data security html encryption data encryption symmetric key encryption nist standard aes encryption com component asp vc++ vb

nist software

Free Popup Window Blocker by xTy Technology

xTyHTMLDecrypter is a FREE and light-weighted Internet Explorer extension (not a toolbar!). Features: (1) Decrypt web pages that are encrypted using the NIST standard AES encryption. (2) Block popup windows efficiently. Sample of encrypted page

nist aes encryption web page decrypter web data security html encryption popup window blocker free ie extension 1 decrypt web pages 2 block popup windows

mark software

UTGrade by David He

UTGrade is a simple freeware that organizes your grades and courses. Also generates numerous statistics such as GPA, letter grade, weighted average, and deviation.

mark grade school university gpa toronto free utgrade simple freeware organizes grades courses

castlelotto software

CastleLotto by Castle Software Ltd

CastleLotto helps you predict the right numbers to win Lotto. Analyze your own numbers in depth. Examine past results. Which numbers are most likely next draw ? Generate weighted random numbers. CastleLotto supports all major forms of Lotto.

castlelotto lotto lottery analysis forecast chance numbers pick generate random statistics powerball gambling castlelotto analyses helps predict right numbers win lotto

oracle software

SQLTools by Aleksey Kochetov

SQLTools is a light weighted and robust tool for Oracle database development. It includes a text editor, an sql console and a couple of sql utilities. You can use it for dial-up connection and it will work as fast as SQLPlus.

oracle sql plsql stored procedure trigger package developer sqltools sqltools light weighted robust tool oracle database development

gradebook software

A2Z Gradebook by A2ZWare

A2Z Gradebook is a teacher's grading program which stores grades, calculates averages, and generates reports. This version supports assignment categories and weighted grades.

gradebook reports teacher grading teachers grading program which stores grades creates reports

assess software

Assessor for Teachers by Marino Software

Teachers - your marking can be less a task and more a pleasure. This program helps you prepare an assessment plan, mark tasks, record marks and prepare reports. A results slip can be printed or emailed to students and a summary sheet gives statistics

assess mark report comment mean standard deviation learning analyse learn grade gradebook mark book write assessment plans mark assessment tasks record marks prepare reports


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