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comic software

Comic Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on by Screaming Bee LLC

Enhance your online communication with the Comic Sound Pack. Now you can play sounds over voice chat including: boing, scram, twist, whistle, and more.

comic comedy voice change changer changing chat voip sound effects broadcast funny wacky sounds effects add-on morphvox

games software

CardsFun by Malcolm Bain

Six fun card games for all the family for the price of one game. Consisting of Crazy Eights, Oh Hell, Comet, Agony, German Whist and that good old favourite Spades. The younger members of the family will no doubt enjoy Crazy Eights and Comet.

games cards fun six fun card family price one

remotely hosted software


MMS is a complete turnkey online system for internet dvd and game rentals. Skinnable public site with all the bells and whistles that your customers will want. Automated backend operations for owners and staff.

remotely hosted application service provider online point of sale pos dvd rental video rental game rental shopping cart ecommerce mms remotely hosted video dvd rental point sale system

bidwhist software

Ultimate Bid Whist by AGCrump Software

Play the ultimate game of bid whist on your computer. You and a computer partner bid and compete against two computer opponents in this challenging game. Brush up on your game or practice for a tournament. Designed for beginning and advanced players.

bidwhist bid whist whisk wisk computer partner bid play against two computer opponnents

card game software

Card Master by Computer Idea Enterprises, LLC

Card Master is a fun collection of many different card games including Bezique, Durok, Euchre, Fantan, Funny Game, German Whist, Knaves, Oh Hell, Skat, Spades, Tablanette, and War.

card game card games arlington bezique canasta durok euchre fan tan fantan german whist jass klabberjass oh hell rauberskat scotch whist skat spades spite and malice tablanette zetema

whist card game software

WHIST Card Game From Special K by Special K Software

Play the classic card games of WHIST! Play against the computer, with between 2 and 4 players. Use Windows 95+ to achieve the realistic atmosphere of a Whist game with animation and sound. Play Standard Whist rules, or Knock Out Whist rules.

whist card game knock out whist knockout whist knock-out whist card special k shareware trumps card game plays classic card knock

music software

AKoff Music Composer by AKoff Sound Labs

Recognizes polyphonic music from microphone (other Wave input or file) and converts it into Midi sequences. You can sing, whistle or play guitar, piano and so on with your microphone, Composer will automatically recognize and score your music.

music recognition wave midi audio converter pitch sound sequencer akoff composer music recognition which performs wave midi conversion

file software

The Shredder by ZeroMassEngine

File shredder - destroys files. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS APPLICATION! It can permanently destroy files on your hard drive

file shred shredder paper destroy shredding secure security delete kill document erase permanent word perfect edit editor business shareware freeware program win32 app

screensaver software

African Dreams Screensaver by Cloudeight Internet

To see African Wildlife, close-up and in its natural setting, is a real treat; this screen saver is a must have for anyone who loves the beauty of wild. Scenes include the people and wildlife of Africa

screensaver african screensaver free screensaver lions elephants zebras ecovitality wildebeast giraffe african dreams screensaver ibm computers

mvp software

The Real Deal by MVP Software

With The Real Deal, hours of entertainment are in the cards. See why Computer Gaming World selected this game as its Best Card Game of the Year. This playable demo includes three games and four computer opponents.

mvp cards cardgames hearts spades real deal hours entertainment cards


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