Windows Wallpaper Software

windows wallpaper software

PIC_RND (BMP, GIF, JPG Random Wallpaper) by Senator Games, Inc.

Pick random pictures for Windows wallpaper during startup, or whenever you want! Put any mixture of JPG, GIF, or BMP pics in any directories you like, and tell PIC_RND which directories you would like it to pick from! Simple as that!

windows wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper changer random wallpaper bmp gif jpg desktop wallpaper desktop background

wallpaper software

Automatic Wallpaper Changer by Educe Software

Wallpaper is a windows wallpaper changer. Point it towards a folder containing graphics files and it will select one at random or sequentially and display it as wallpaper.

wallpaper utility screen show graphic shareware computer edit delete manage randomly change wallpaper supports multiple formats multiple folders

desktop software

EasyWallpaper by Timo Kosiol - Softwareconsulting

EasyWallpaper is the ultimate wallpaper management tool. So you can change the Windows wallpaper in specific intervals, display desktop calendar, make screensaver from your own photos, make full size slide show of your favorite images, and many more.

desktop wallpaper image picture change automatic automatically manage icon transparent check background slide show calendar screensaver wallpapers images pictures preview

just watching software

Just Watching by Lincoln Beach Software

Imagine that you could continuously monitor multiple online images without having to open your browser! Use Just Watching to build a custom wallpaper that can display web cams, stock charts, weather maps and home security cams right on your desktop!

just watching just web cams web images cams images web graphics desktop wallpaper live charts weather charts stock stock charts graphs

windows software

Just Wallpaper by Lincoln Beach Software

Just Wallpaper is a fantastic tool that lets you manage and display all of your Windows wallpaper. Utilize themes, apply masks, overlay notes, clock as well as a calendar. Even create a slide puzzle from your wallpaper images!

windows wallpaper wall paper wall-paper changer graphics manage manager display images puzzle notes calendar masks fantastic allows manage display wallpaper

wallpaper software

Stardust Wallpaper Packager 2003 by Stardust Software

Stardust Wallpaper Packager 2003 easily converts JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG, and BMP images into self-installing wallpaper files.

wallpaper desktop easily convert images self-installing wallpaper

slideshow software

SlideShow Desktop by Desktop Designs

Display full screen photo slide shows on your Windows desktop and manage your wallpaper with SlideShow Desktop.

slideshow desktop microsoft wallpaper manager screen display view photo photos photograph photographs digital slide show xp hide icons designs saver screensaver print email

multi desktop software

Multi Desktop by 8848soft inc.

Ever wished you had several screens on you desktop? Multi Desktop is a virtual desktop manager which will create up to 4 virtual desktops allowing you to have different windows open on each of desktops.

multi desktop virtual desktop virtual desktop virtual desktop manager desktop manager windows desktop virtual desktop manager virtual desktop manager shareware wallpaper virtual desktop pet virtual and desktop

filmstrip software

HomeGallery by GRR Systems, Inc.

Voice controlled image viewer. Will playback keyed text or recorded voice descriptions as images are displayed.

filmstrip easelmmspeech recognition voice recognition text-to-speech photo viewer image viewer digital photo album wallpaper viewer image viewer small gui voice playback descs images viewed

virtual desktop manager software

vdesk by Octatec

A Virtual Desktop System for Windows. The Virtual Desktop Manager implements multiple independent virtual desktops. comes with a sophisticated wallpaper changer that allows each of the multiple desktops to have independent wallpaper.

virtual desktop manager virtual desktop wallpaper changer multiple desktops virtual desktops virtual terminal virtual desktop system


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