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internet software

Network Spy by Network Spy

An Ethernet packet capture program. It decodes and analyzes IP packets on your LAN. It also lets you measure network load, resolve IP conflicts and build an ARP table. A powerful rules-based filtering engine enables you to perform intrusion detection

internet networks ethernet sniffer packet capture intrusion detection bandwidth traceroute ping ip tcp network monitoring analysis tool

java software

CoffeeCup Effects Factory by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

Use GIF's and JPG's to create 20 different Java Applet image effects like cross-fade, page flip, drain, emboss, underwater, ripple, and more. It's easy.

java applets effects fade ripple lake flip wysiwyg gifs jpgs create 20 different java applet image effects

telnet software

CSTelnet by Celestial Software

Fast 32-bit telnet also with SSH, TAPI Dialup and direct COM port access. Solid VT100 gives CSTelnet the edge, along with SOCKS Proxy, session logging, Passthru printing, Color/Font settings, and a host of terminal options.

telnet ssh secure shell client xmodem ymodem zmodem socks tapi com vt100 passthru passthrough shareware telnet client ssh tapi dialup comm port access vt100 passthru printing

video software

EyeCU by JPC Software

EyeCU turns your existing PC camera into a full-featured video surveillance system. If motion is detected in the images captured by your camera EyeCU can play a sound notification, save the images, as well as send the images to any e-mail address.

video camera surveillance eyecu motion image shareware security eyecu turns existing pc camera full-featured surveillance system

easy-copy software

Easy-Copy by CAD-KAS GbR

Make your printer and scanner more useful! This colour photocopier program makes copies of your documents. You can define the number and the size of the copies. You can also edit and retouch the documents. Virtual notepads and comments are possible.

easy-copy cad-kas photocopier copy copies notes notepad printer scanner scan print resize retouch edit picture photocopier program makes colour copies documents

dictionary builder software

Babylon Builder by LTD

The Babylon Builder is an application in which you can build customized glossaries to be used in Babylon Tool. The glossaries you build can be submitted to Babylon's Glossary Index to be published on our site & tool for the use of millions of Babylon

dictionary builder text editor data editor information editor web promotion build publish glossary user-friendly babylon builder

dictionary software

Babylon by LTD

Babylon is a powerful online information tool that instantly provides relevant information translation or conversion about any word or value that you click on.

dictionary translator spanish french online dictionary information tool


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