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blackjack software

BlackJack Simulator by

A simple demonstration of how often one can win at black jack. Not at all from observed results. One can view how long it would take to lose his/her money.

blackjack simulator simple demonstration how often one win black jack

tetris software

Classical Tetris by Hunter Soft

Classical Tetris is designed for Tetris beginners and experts and even advanced experts. They alike would find many features that would increase their enjoyment of Tetris as well as improve their skill with the game.

tetris play classical music sound block play classical tetris anti-boss music skins

mihov software

Mihov Background Tester by Miha Psenica

Mihov Background Tester is used to test jpg, gif and bmp images and see how they would look as a tiled background. This is very useful for testing background images for web sites or windows background.

mihov background tester bgimage bgcolor tile bgrnd test back ground image background image picture program mihov back image tiled pattern picture bmp

aquarium screensaver software

AquaDeluxe by NexusMedia

Watch as photographic quality fish swim across your screen, plants sway, bubbles rise and all within a beautifully decorated tank. Everything is adjustable in this aquarium screensaver from which fish you would like to see to the artifacts

aquarium screensaver fish screensaver ocean screensaver dolphin screensaver amaze everyone who walks beautiful ocean-like aquarium screensaver

free software

Ricks Free HTML Indexer by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

free command line html indexer by Kirkham You choose titles and file name. I used CSS and a false target to open a new browser each time it's clicked so visitors would not lose their index to surf.

free command line html indexer command line html indexer kirkham choose titles file name

resistor software

RColours by Brian Taylor

RColours converts the colour bands commonly found on resistors into the value of that resistor or it converts a given value into the colour bands that would be used to represent that value. 3 and 4 band representations are supported.

resistor colour color codes convert value bands electronics convert resistor colour codes value 3 4 band values supported

basta software

Buzof by Basta Computing, Inc.

Buzof enables you to automatically answer, close or minimize virtually any window. Just drag the Buzof icon and drop it onto the button you would normally click to handle the annoying message or dialog box.

basta buzof automatically close dialogs messages push buttons press minimize boxes prompts automation repeat click suppress eliminate recurrent nags scan freeze hang error annoying


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