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dhtml menu software

Sothink Web Design Suite by SourceTec Software

Sothink DHTML Menu creates menu without writing any code. It seamlessly integrates with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and Golive. And support Windows Vista. The menu code is friendly to Search Engine by Site Map and Google XML Sitemap.

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scansoft speech engines software

Speech Engine DLL SDK by Research Lab Inc

Start recognizing voice commands in any spoken language. From writing a simple voice commands recognition program to a VoiceXML PC-To-PC Interactive Voice Response, English Language is no more a programmers only limit.

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number software

InWords by Canadian Mind Products

Java code to converts number to words in any of 15 languagues. Useful for writing cheques or legal documents.

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webifier software

Webifier by Steve's WebShed

Easily turn your digital pictures into an attractive web photo gallery in just a few easy steps with Webifier. Webifier handles all the details of creating your photo gallery, from writing the HTML to resizing the images and making thumbnails.

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backup software

SQL Backup Agent by Mobiliti, Inc

SQL Database Backup and Restore Agent. It is capable of writing event logs. Using this agent we can also restore the database using the backup. Coupling this agent with Mobiliti''s software we can achieve incremental backup of SQL Databases.

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free software

Sothink DHTML Menu Builder Free Version by SourceTec Software

Sothink Free DHTML Menu Builder creates DHTML menu without writing any code. The application has built-in templates, live preview and Publish Wizard, which make building free DHTML menu easier. Seamlessly integrate with Dreamweaver and FrontPage.

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comfyj software

ComfyJ by TeamDev Ltd

ComfyJ is a COM-to-Java-to-COM bridge. ComfyJ allows a Java application to easily integrate with any COM/OLE/OCX/ActiveX libraries and to expose Java objects as COM objects. And all this is possible in pure Java language without writing native code.

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wakicoolbar software

WakiCoolBar For Asp.Net by Wakisoft

A new developed professional tool for creating DHTML Expand/Collapse menus.It''s very convenient to create the webmenu without writing javascript.It can be binded with Database showing alternative menu varying with different users authorized.

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dhtml menu software

Sothink DHTML Menu Builder by SourceTec Software

Sothink DHTMLMenu can help web designers to create DHTML menu without writing any code. Both menu''s content and the menu sitemap can be found by Search Engine without difficulty. And seamlessly integrate with Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Golive.

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chemical software

Chemical Formula Tutor by Chemware Ltd

Learn formula writing by drag-and-drop, at home or in class. Students will appreciate the intuitive, interactive Drag-Drop interface. Helpful tips and cursors, built-in Atom Counter, Learn Mode, Test Mode (with or without timing), and scoring.

chemical formula tutor chemistry atom ion learn


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