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strategy software

1939:BattleFleet by Strategy Lights Series

Naval turn-based WW2 strategy game, extension to the classic Battleships game where ships/planes/subs can move. Contains over 60 missions & campaigns and 40 ship, submarine, airplane & port artillery types, with combat maps up to 96X96 large.

strategy turn-based naval shareware battlefleet battleship submarine cruiser bomber fighter usn royal navy kriegsmarine naval turn-based strategy extension classic battleship

3d software

3D Blitz by 3D Retro Games

3D Blitz challenges you to defend a WW2 allied forces base from enemy attack by air and sea. As enemy planes and ships are picked up on radar, you must locate and destroy them before they destroy you!

3d blitz action arcade war world 1945 defend allied base enemy attack

aircraft-planes software

WW2 Warbirds by NexusMedia

31 professional aviation photos. Use this versatile screen-saver engine which rotates 31 photos of the aircraft of world war 2 and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects

aircraft-planes jets fighter warbirds military aviation slideshows photography nexusmedia 31 professional aviation photos military warbirds

third reich software

Hitler's Europe 1914-45: The Animated Atlas of the Third Reich by Flatnose Software

A chronicle using interactive maps that starts in 1914 and charts the rise, expansion and fall of Nazi Germany across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and USSR ending in 1945. Designed for History KS 3 Unit 18 Hot War Cold War, and Key Stage 4,

third reich national socialism world war 2 nazi germany 20th century world hitler second world war stalin rise fall third reich using interactive mapping

naval software

Lost Admiral Returns by Fogstone Games

Quick playing strategy naval game enriched with multi-objective special missions using chess-like mix of battleship, destroyer, submarine and more in turn-based action. Build customized flagships and conquer innumerable randomly generated maps.

naval battleship submarine strategy destroyer wwii turn based world war 2 chess navy quick playing strategy naval enriched multi-objective special missions

strategy software

Battlefleet: Pacific War by Strategy Lights Series

Naval strategy game, extension to the classic Battleship game where ships/planes/subs can move! Game contains missions, Death-Match and Free Hunt scenarios & campaigns from Pearl Harbor and Midway to the Iwo Jima and Leyte battle.

strategy turn-based naval pacific war shareware battlefleet battleship submarine cruiser bomber fighter usn royal navy kriegsmarine

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