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Mail Grab - Email Parsing Tool by XYZSoftware

This program parses,lists,saves and prints out the email addresses in a given text.It is ideal for individuals who are selling products by email as well as ecommercing companies who need to enlarge their customer databases each day.

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notes software

ShapeIdeas Sneaky Peek by EarthStar

See Your Thinking: The Browser with a Brain plus Whiteboard! Ask questions, browse the web, search for anything, capture text, images and your ideas to a layered whiteboard, and get answers!

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link software

LinkPopular by SEOMYWeb

LinkPopular can show your website''s link popularity, check your link state from outside, found link partner by keyword search. You can even use LinkPopularto check your competitors'' incoming links.

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download software

Info-Pack.com CSV2TAB by Information Packaging

CSV to TAB converter. Convert CSV files to TAB delimited files.

download csv tab csv to tab convert csv comma separated file csv tab converter convert csv files tab delimited files

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