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basic software

IBasic by Pyxia Development

Compile stand alone Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP programs with IBasic language

basic compiler runtime script windows language ide programming write programs compile direct3d directx qbasic compile stand alone windows 95 98 me 2000 xp programs ibasic

xptuneup software

XPTuneup by XPTuneup Software and Consulting

XPTuneup has been designed to tuneup and customize Microsoft Windows XP Pro.

xptuneup tune xp new search engines xp tweaking performance tuning boost speed increase download time xptuneup designed tuneup customize microsoft windows xp pro

currency software

VoltoFXP Internet Exchange Rate Component by VOLTO.COM

Downloads currency exchange rates from the internet

currency exchange rate rate euro finance dll activex component com downloads currency exchange rates web

internet sharing software

WinProxy by Ositis by Ositis Software, Inc.

Proxy server with internet connection sharing, firewall, antivirus & site filter

internet sharing modem sharing proxy server home network winproxy free software nat firewall antivirus virus protection content filter proxy server network address translation site filter internet connection sharing child safe

examine software

Techfacts XP by Dean Software Design

You can examine, diagnose, monitor and troubleshoot Windows and your system.

examine diagnose monitor troubleshoot tools maintenance examine diagnose monitor troubleshoot windows system

timeclock software

Personal Timeclock by KMR Consulting

Personal Timeclock-Track and report your computer time or time spent for clients

timeclock punchclock clock project computer usage time client billing tracking recording reporting taxes personal timeclock-track report computer time time spent clients

security software

WorkStation Lock Pro by Posum LLC

WorkStation Lock Pro: multi-user Windows authentication password protection.

security password authentication lock posum access workstation tool pro workstation lock pro multi-user windows authentication password protection


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