Xterm Software

java software

Jagacy VT by Jagacy Software

Jagacy VT is a feature rich VT100 terminal emulator and screen-scraping library written entirely in Java. It supports SSL, ANSI and XTERM protocols.

java vt100 ansi screen scraping screen scraper screen scrape legacy mainframe

telnet software

CRT by VanDyke Software Inc.

32-bit terminal emulator for Telnet, rlogin, serial and other protocols. Emulations include VT100, VT102, VT220, SCOANSI, ANSI, Xterm and Linux console. Supports SOCKS and generic firewalls, transparent printing, ZModem, ActiveX, and Windows TAPI.

telnet vt100 vt220 sco ansi terminal emulator emulation dialer zmodem wyse rlogin serial 32-bit 102 220 50 60 support

pest software

Pest Control Database by SoberSoftware

Pest Control Database is a customer database and report generator for the extermination and pest control business. It allows you to keep a customer database with income and expenses. Reports can be generated for the customers, income and expenses

pest control database

ssh software

WinSSHD by Bitvise Limited

Fast, robust, easy to use SSH server for Windows with secure TCP/IP tunneling; SFTP and SCP file transfer; VT100/xterm; Windows group, domain account support; public key and Kerberos authentication; virtual accounts; powerful configuration.

ssh sftp ssh2 tunneling port forwarding vt-100 bvterm kerberos ntlm sspi gssapi secure security encrypted encryption file transfer remote desktop console telnet ftp

bugs software

Exterminator by ANTi-Ware

A puzzle game where you create a sequence to destroy all insects in each level.

bugs tetris puzzle bejeweled collapse arrows exterminate exterminator insect game create sequence destroy insects each level

medical terms software

XTerm Medical Dictionary by kpiachem

Study with this freeware medical dictionary. Get medical terms: disease and conditions, abbreviations, acronyms, measure units.

medical terms medical dictionary medical info glossary medical acronyms medical terminology medical informations symptoms freeware diseases abbreviations kpiachem study freeware dictionary

x-server software

X-SecurePro Secure X-Server for Windows by Labtam Inc.

Secure X-Server for windows with SSH encryption. Allows to run UNIX (X-Windows) applications on your PC. Includes SSH, X-Window System, TCP/IP, FTP, LPR, LPD, telnet client server, NFS. Now with unique "Dynamic Port Forwarding" , and SSH-2 support.

x-server xserver x server windows ssh ssh client pc unix x-windows connectivity client server x-server windows includes nfs

ssh software

AbsoluteTelnet by Celestial Software

Fast 32-bit telnet with SSH1, SSH2, TAPI Dialup and direct COM port access. Solid emulation gives AbsoluteTelnet the edge, along with SOCKS Proxy, session logging, Color/Font settings, port forwarding, X11 forwarding, and a host of terminal options.

ssh ssh1 utf8 telnet client x11 free ssh1 client ssh2 client secure shell xmodem ymodem socks tapi com passthru

free software

Tunnelier by Bitvise Limited

Free SSH client for Windows with graphical SFTP; VT100, xterm; dynamic and manual TCP/IP tunneling; auto-reconnect; scriptable console-mode SFTP; single-click Remote Desktop forwarding; FTP-to-SFTP bridge; Kerberos; public keys. Free individual use.

free dynamic proxy public key

encryption software

SecureCRT by VanDyke Software Inc.

Highly customizable terminal emulator for Internet and intranet use with support for Secure Shell (SSH1 and SSH2) as well as Telnet and rlogin protocols. SecureCRT is ideal for connecting to remote systems running Windows, UNIX and VMS.

encryption data tunneling remote access administration terminal emulation shell well


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