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calendar software

Calendar+ by JSoft Consulting

A Y2K compliant task and appointment manager that can handle over 64,000 items. Appointments, tasks and holidays are graphically displayed on the calendar and a display beside the calendar only shows those items which relate to the current date.

holidays date book road calendar speed power path options y2k compliant

16 bit software

LFNit! by Crystal Software

Backs up your long filenames so that you can still use old 16 bit utilities. After 16 bit software has compressed, backed up, copied, moved or tranferred your files, use LFNit! to restore the long filenames with the completely portable .BAT file!

32 bit long nt win95 utility save backup

y2k software

Arc Menu by Crystal Software

Y2K compliant, text-based,mouse-driven, uses NO memory, network support, multi- user, passwords and authority levels + access retrictions. Auto install. Short cuts and hot keys. Context help/user- defined. AutoBuild new items. Unlimited menu

memory multi-user secure password dos full y2k network

y2k bug software

Cracklock by William Blum

Cracklock protects you from the 30th-day virus by allowing you to change the system date and time on a per-application basis. It can also be used to test conformity against the ever-threatening Y10K bug.

thunderbyte sophos developers anti virus compliance buggy

braun software

AppPaths 2000 by Gregory Braun

AppPaths is a small Control Panel extension that will allow you to edit various startup settings defined in the MS Windows System Registry. AppPaths includes facilities to modify the startup (Run) settings found in the MS Windows System Registry.

extension startup panel ms control registry modify system

pacland software

3D Pacman by Nice Games

And here comes 3D Pacman! 100 levels with diverse 3D visuals, goblins, skeletons and magicians, exciting bonuses, Classic and Story modes with an original scenario, single-player and multiplayer, 100% hilarious gameplay - satisfaction guaranteed!

nice pacman adventure wondered look game 3d old

spot the difference software

Spot the Diff 2 by Ron Marie Services

Spot the Diff' is a fun program that will have you putting your eyes to the test. You have 2 almost identical pictures in front of you - can you find the differences? Slick interface with cool, bright and fun images!

cool fun spot game spot the difference photo play pen and pencil games arcade-style

y2k software

Attack of the Y2K Bug by RI Soft Systems

Watch the comical, cartoon rendering of the "Y2K Bug" as he wreaks havoc on your system. From time to time the bug comes out dressed like famous movie characters, to destroy your desktop in a very amusing fashion.

undoubtedly animation screen saver computer glitch y2k bug bug screen

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