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spam software

Mailgov by Mailgov

Do you have more than one email account? Are you fed up with spam? Want to access your Yahoo Mail via POP3 without the new yearly fees? How about being able receive oodles of Hotmail in your POP3 account? Check out Mailgov.

spam anti-spam hotmail on blackberry hotmail on treo hotmail on vbox mailgov hotmail wireless mail wireless email multiple email checking hotmail managing mailboxes yahoo pop3 hotmail pop3 forwards filters consolidates email accounts

antispam software

All Spam Gone Spam Killer Anti Spam by A1Tech, Inc.

Anti spam software that blocks spam email and works as a junk spam email blocker. Unique Ground Breaking Anti Spam Technology Eliminates Junk Email Forever. Use your same Email Program. Uses permission based technology.

antispam spam anti spam anti junk prevent block kill killer stop blocker spam email blocks works

yahoo software

Talking Yahoo! Mail by Heuristic Research

Talking Yahoo! Mail monitors several Yahoo! accounts at once. When a message arrives, it filters out spam and announces mail in a customizable way in human voice so users can decide whether the mail is urgent.

yahoo mail talking speaking fight spam kill spam email software email program announces yahoo human voice

 spam software

Junk Mail Scanner by Freeland Software, Inc

This is a Spam blocking software. Blocks spam/junk email works with Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL 7/8, and Outlook 2000/2002. Also allows you to block email from anyone.

spam aol spammers filter internet unsolicted

internet accelerator software

Artera Turbo by Artera Group, Inc.

Artera Turbo provides up to a 5X speed increase in your web-browsing performance using your existing dial-up Internet connection. Going way beyond competitive products that tweak Windows settings to provide a speed boost.

internet accelerator web accelerator dial-up accelerator boost internet speed modem speed incredible new service dramatically increases internet browsing speed

bypass a firewall software

ProxyTunnel by VellumSoft

ProxyTunnel is a tool that lets you bypass SOCKS, proxy servers and firewalls; use FTP servers and file download managers.

bypass a firewall proxy server socks bypass blocking from internet proxytunnel bypass proxy servers firewalls

web software

Active Web Mail by Activewebsoftwares

Active Web Mail is a web-based e-mail software (such as Hotmail). Allows you to send and receive email using only a browser. It gets e-mail from any POP server and saves it to an Access or MS SQL database. The ASP.NET VB source code is available.

web active internet web-based e-mail such allows

e-mail filter software

SpamBurner by LLC

A sophisticated and powerful anti-spam program, and e-mail viewer, with a remarkably efficient, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface.

e-mail filter email filter anti-spam e-mail anti-spam email anti-spam mail anti spam e-mail anti spam email anti spam mail nospam no spam junk e-mail junk email junk mail uce unsolicited junk unsolicited spam

animated emoticons software

Pretty Animated Emoticons by Scorpio Software

Pretty Animated Emoticons lets you insert animated emoticons into your emails and message board postings, supports all popular software and online services including Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail Mail as well as most popular message boards.

animated emoticons emails animated emoticon animated emoticons outlook express animated gif emoticons outlook emoticon smiley emoticons and smileys smileys and emoticons beautiful insert animated emoticons message boards

e-mailing software

PrivyPad by SlavaSoft Inc.

Create, edit, read or email an encrypted/plain text file with this Notepad-like text editor. Supports 4 encryption/decryption algorithms: BLOWFISH, Triple DES(3DES), RIJNDAEL(AES), XOR. Use it to protect strictly confidential data, to keep passwords.

e-mailing emailing messaging msg send sending read reading write writing store storing save saving saved encrypt encript encryption encription encrypting encryptor decrypt decryption password


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