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zip repair software

DiskInternals ZIP Repair by DiskInternals Research

DiskInternals ZIP Repair Tool is a robust recovery wizard that protects you against the loss of important data in case of zip archive damages. Its smart algorithm swiftly recovers zip files from internal errors and saves its contents to a new archive

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gnatbox software

ReportGen for GNATBox by RnR Software

RnR ReportGen for GNATBox creates reports based on users Internet activity. It takes the logs created by a GNATBox Firewall and displays a user selected report in a web browser.

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gradient software

ecGradient by Encore Consulting Pty Ltd

Create color gradients in numerous styles. Demo VB project included. Select two colors, and blend smoothly at any angle; or rectangular, star, centered, spotlight and other patterns.

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logbook software

Forpilots Logbook by SB-Software

ForPilots Logbook maintains an electronic version of a pilots logbook. The program is very user friendly and is intended to look and feel just like the paper logbooks do. Many different fields supported. Intended for all pilots from student to ATP

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