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plain software

Plain Simple Zip by Patrick Harvey

The easiest to use zip program on Earth. Makes self-extracting files! Self-extracting files can even run a program after they have run. Get this one now!

plain simple zip 3.0 mrgalaxy atomicrobot easiest zip program earth makes self-extracting files

 zip software

Zip Search by Full Circuit Ltd

Find will often fail when the search for text is inside a zip. This program will do a text search inside zipped files. You can specify the files to search (e.g. *.txt + *.doc) as well as the the search string. Subdirectories can be done too.

zip search search files inside zips wildcard files search text

turbozip software

TurboZIP Express by FileStream, Inc.

TurboZIP Express is fast, easy to use solution for handling ZIP and CAB files. It integrates with Windows to quickly ZIP, CAB, UnZIP single or multiple files without even opening the program. Right-mouse menus and drag and drop bring you convenience.

turbozip zip zip file unzip cab cabinet cab files turbo zip files unzipping express turbo zip turbozip express compress compression convert conversion password digital photography print preview print print file list text editor

zip direct to cd or dvd software

WatchetZip! by WatchetSoft Limited

Zip direct to CD or DVD, unzip selected files, view or execute without unzipping, make self-unzipping executables, password protection. File selection, complete folder trees, hidden files, manage files and folders. Maximum compression

zip direct to cd or dvd cd writing dvd writing zip unzip self-unzipping view or execute files without unzipping backup archival zip direct cd dvd self-unzipping view individual files passwords

backup software

SuperCool ZIP Backup by cuiwei

SuperCool Zip Backup is a data backup utility. You can use any drive (hard disk,network,CD-RW,CD-R,Jaz,Zip,floppy etc.) in your system to store the backup files in standard Zip format, backup files can be transferred to remote machine by FTP or Email

backup backup software backup exec backup now data backup backup program backup data backup utility zip zip backup file backup drive backup zip file zip program zip software system backup

snap software

Snap Backup by Center Key Software

Backup utility for individual computer users who need a simple and convenient way to backup their valuable files.

snap backup tool free computer software java apple mac linux unix windows download one-click backup tool

backup software

Back4Win by AGM

Back4Win Freeware Backup Software features reliability, as well as ease of use. Industry standard ZIP compression ensures that your data will be accessible regardless of which PC operating system, or version you are using.

backup backup software computer backup data backup backup utility window backup zip xp cd easy backup freeware features including spanned huge backups

ebook software

AckerPack by Avatarsoft

Share folders by email in seconds - with AckerPack you can compress and share any folder instantly. More compact than fat ZIPs! Create self-extracting archives, software installations or eBooks in just three clicks!

ebook zip compress sfx self-extracting useful utility tool compression winzip stuffit 7-zip pkzip freezip ultimatezip quick zip 1st choice zipitfast bitzipper cutezip pentazip picozip powerarchiver powerzip turbozip

powerzip software

PowerZip by Trident Software Pty Ltd

PowerZip makes zipping / unzipping quick & simple while providing advanced compression & security features: - Easy to use Wizards - Strong encryption (256-bit AES) - Supports 12 types of archives - Create PowerZip Macro files to automate backup

powerzip unzip zip winzip trident aes encryption cab rar ace tar gz bzip2 jar bz2 zip file compress split multi-part

backup software

AutoZIP Backup by Perception

AutoZIP Backup is professional software that lets you automate the backup of your precious files to a ZIP archive.

backup automated backups zip archive backup to zip zip backup professional software automate backup precious files zip


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